1. Simon Gregory's Avatar
    I don't know if I was imagining things, or whether it was a one off, but I could swear that my N920 made an audiable alert the other night. I always keep it on silent.

    I've noticed it a few times with headphones on too, but didn't think anything of it.

    Anybody else notice any similar behaviour after the portico update?

    Speaking of headphones, the music used to cut off immediately on my HD7 when the headphones were pulled out. On the N920, there is a split second where it blasts music out the loud speaker if the headphone jack is removed while music is playing - v. annoying!
    02-06-2013 03:42 AM
  2. Chregu's Avatar
    When you turn the volume of the phone to zero, it automatically turns to vibration. Could it be, that you accidentally turned up the volume and it switched to ringing?

    If I activate vibration (upper right in the volume control) when volume is turned up, I have never had any notification sounds.

    Also, on my HTC 8X, when I pull out the headphones it turns silent immediately. But I experience sometimes lags in the music app, maybe it's caused by something like that.
    02-06-2013 03:52 AM

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