1. a_gunslinger's Avatar
    Considering Windows 8X HTC but concerned about Corproate Exchange Sync and texting issues Ive read about. Made the mistake of reading Verizon phone reviews and wanted some more expert opinions from this group. Are these really kown issues and have they been resolved?

    Im not a high end user (not that concerned with apps) but the three features I want seem to have the most reported problems:

    1. Issues with corporate sync to exchange. SURELY, Microsoft wouldnt have exchange synch issues on their own phone?
    2. SMS and texting issues reported often
    3. No close screen options (X to close screens and/or back buttons). This missing X to close an app is why i hate most iOS apps.

    Any truth to any of these and, if so, have there been any resolutions?

    Many thanks!
    02-06-2013 11:24 AM
  2. DavidinCT's Avatar
    I use my 8x with exchange 2003 fine, no issues...
    02-06-2013 12:05 PM
  3. tk-093's Avatar
    If your IT department enforces the "Encrypt storage card" policy then it is my understanding that Windows Phone 8 will not sync. It does not matter if your device has a SD card or not, it will not sync. I think the architecture of Windows Phone does not allow the SD card to be encrypted and since it can't do it, it won't sync.
    02-06-2013 12:10 PM
  4. Zalcron's Avatar
    Good afternoon! I just purchased the blue 8x the other day from Verizon as well as my friend who got the black version. We both have not had ANY issues with the 8x whatsoever! Everyone receives texts as well as sending them out! As far as the "x button" on the apps list, i'm pretty sure that is across the board on ALL WP8 devices from what i've read. I hope they implement something soon so you can swipe them away like on my Galaxy Nexus. This phone is gorgeous and haven't had any issues. As far as Exchange goes, i don't use it, unfortunately :/ Let me know if you have any questions! I can test any of them out on my phone for ya if you'd like!
    02-06-2013 01:40 PM
  5. AngeloUCF's Avatar
    1. Push email on Exchange works fine for me, however in order to do a two-way sync i have to refresh manually.
    2. I have not encountered any texting/sms issues.
    3. There's no "x" button, but pressing the back button will exit out of apps so you don't have to keep any running.
    02-06-2013 01:50 PM
  6. spyderzWPC's Avatar
    exchange works great for me with the 920, I actually get the emails on my phone before they hit my computer.

    Txting sms, no issues what so ever

    close button is just backing out of an app with the back arrow. note if you don't back out of an app, it will remain open but will not use up mem.
    02-06-2013 01:54 PM
  7. iamtim's Avatar
    +1 to what everyone above said. I have Exchange 2010 with some policies (require passcode on phone, specifically) and Exchange sync works flawlessly. I've had no issues SMSing (or MMSing) anyone. Technically you don't need an "X" to close apps because apps are suspended when they're not active, and you can actually close out an app by using the "back" button.


    Although an "X" would be nice.
    02-06-2013 02:38 PM
  8. tk-093's Avatar
    An 'X' is just a placebo, no? 99% of apps don't run in the background anyway... I still don't know what the 'X' would do other then make us all feel good. :)
    02-06-2013 04:11 PM
  9. iamtim's Avatar
    make us all feel good
    Is there any other reason? I mean... most of the outstanding issues with WP8 are "make us all feel good" issues. How many actual, real, technical *problems* are there? Lack of VPN, lack of "encrypt storage card" sync, and a handful of others but outside of those? It's all feel-good stuff, maaaaaan! :D
    HeyCori likes this.
    02-06-2013 05:27 PM
  10. rymonds's Avatar
    care to give some details
    02-07-2013 03:32 PM

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