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    I saw a pretty positive article about App Machine on Flipboard today. Many years ago I used to use a web development software made by Macromedia (yeah I'm that old) called Dreamweaver. It used to let you make incredibly beautiful websites that were also very powerful in function using a GUI WYSIWYG interface and automated a lot of functions so that you could either create fairly simple websites with no HTML coding knowledge at all, or quickly create more powerful websites by using it to compliment your HTML coding knowledge. This App Machine program looks like it might offer something similar for creating apps. I would definitely buy it. Around $300 to be able to write whatever apps I wanted for myself? Heck yeah!

    Currently it's only going to be available so far for Android and iOS so I was wondering has anyone spotted anything like this that would create WP8 apps? Imagine the speed and fluidity of the WP8 OS combined with the ability to create whatever apps you wanted for yourself instead of waiting for devs to make one...
    02-25-2013 03:12 PM

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