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    A problem that's bugged me for quite some time now is how Windows Phone does not provide users a way to refresh all their podcast feeds. It seems the OS only checks about once a day, or when you plug your device into a charger. I've been playing around with ways to force the refresh, and I think I've been able to narrow it down to a few simple steps. I believe this method only refreshes individual podcast feeds. As such, I recommend you subscribe to your podcasts through an RSS client or by following associated Twitter accounts, so you know which podcasts to force refresh when episodes are released.

    I got this to work on my Samsung Omnia 7.

    • Windows Phone 7.8
    • Connected to WiFi
    • Charging & not charging

    I would appreciate if others could test this under other conditions.

    • Windows Phone 7.5
    • Windows Phone 8
    • Cellular data

    1. Navigate to a podcast and hit series settings


    2. Hit confirm, nothing else has to be changed


    3. Wait for several seconds for the feed to refresh

    02-26-2013 08:13 PM

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