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    Hello guys,

    I have been searching the forum for a while regarding my Skydrive issue, but there seems to be no one else having this.

    It all started after I installed the SNES emulator on my L820.
    It demanded to load my games from the Skydrive account, so I logged-in using my W8 laptop, and uploaded a game.
    I then run the SNES emu, and tried to log-in to my Skydrive account without success:
    -After clicking the in-app "log-in" button, the screen shows the "loading" animation with the dots, and then a plain white page.

    After that, I installed the Skydrive app from the marketplace, and tried to log-in to my account through that:
    -The initial screen with the "log-in" button appears, I click on it, and then AGAIN, the freakin white screen! :>

    I have done some research googleing and bingin around, and the only "solution" I found was that there is a bug with the device regional settings (Skydrive works only when set to English).
    I gave it a try, but still nothing.

    Any suggestions? Thank you guys in advance.

    03-08-2013 04:35 AM

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