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    Hello everybody on the forum.
    Try to explain what the issue is in few bullets.

    • Just bought a new WP8 device (Samsung ATIV S).

    • New pictures are automatically stored in the camera roll, I am fine with this

    • I have hundreds of pictures taken with an old phone (WP7, still 8Mpx camera) and just want to copy them into this new device.

    • I would like to keep everything (old and future pictures) in a unique folder (eg camera roll) and keep that folder synchronized with PC

    I am new to WP8 and I am getting crazy on this.
    Whether I use explorer or the windowsphone desktop app, if I load the old pictures into "camera roll" folder and I syncronize the ATIV, the system insists to put the old pictures into a different album "Images" and keep separate the new pictures into the camera roll.

    It is annoying for me having my pictures splitted into two different albums. Is it by design or I am missing something?

    03-09-2013 10:45 AM
  2. RuleOfSines's Avatar
    I believe that is by design, they plan on us using the camera roll as a temporary storage and then move the picture elsewhere. I have everything backed up to skydrive, and organize the photos there then delete the stuff on my phone. Anything to do with syncing doesn't work quite the way you'd at first expect on Wp8.

    Edit: I just tried on my phone and was able to put pictures in camera roll and have them stay. Try using windows explorer to put the pictures on your camera roll, but don't use "Sycnhronize", the sync may be messing it up on you. Maybe if you had a Camera Roll folder on your PC it would sync them together? Or it might ruin everything.
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    03-09-2013 11:15 AM
  3. trxmec's Avatar
    That's annoying imho and I'd like to understand if anybody experience that.

    I tried to do this, starting from scratch:
    - deleted any image/video from PC User/Documents/Images not to confuse the Windows Phone Desktop App Preview 3.
    - copied my old pictures into the phone camera roll folder using the file manager of Windows. Obtaining the ideal status of my new phone (old pictures where I want, in the camera roll, where also the new ones will go)
    - reconnected the phone and started Windows Phone Desktop App Preview 3.
    - it was automatically created a folder into PC User/Documents/Images called "From Samsung ATIV S" (which I remind was intentionally made empty) and the phone camera roll content was copied there.

    I thought to have solved.

    So, I shoot a couple of pictures, reconnected the phone, started syncro again with good hopes.

    What I was expecting to happen:
    - that the App just adds the new pictures to the PC User/Documents/Images\From Samsung ATIV S.

    Instead, this is what happens:
    - I got an error message (saying that there is something wrong with the syncro settings which need to be recreated). I cannot do anything different to click ok
    - then, while the PC content of User/Documents/Images/From Samsung ATIV S was correctly left where it is together with the new pictures added, it was ALSO CREATED A NOT REQUESTED and duplicated "From Samsung ATIV S" folder in the phone under the album "Images". In conclusion, my phone have twice the same content, both in the camera roll and in the album Images. Unmanageable.

    That's quite strange to me and I guess it is a problem of the Windows Phone Desktop App Preview 3. What do you think?
    03-09-2013 04:25 PM

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