1. Mike Young2's Avatar
    Facebook is,set up but I'm not receiving fb messages in the message hub from some friends?

    One friend fb messaged me,from his iPhone and it popped up,right away. My mom fb messaged me and I didn't get it at all
    Only reason I knew she did is cause it popped up on my iPod touch that was beside me, I responded to her on my new phone and she received it, but again her response was not received on my,phone?
    03-09-2013 09:59 PM
  2. Acbuono5's Avatar
    So you can see people in under 'online' in messaging? I first noticed that my fb messaging setting was first turned off and when I would swipe to see whose online it would show a few and then a couple seconds later they would disappear. So then I checked the settings and turned on online messaging and it works fine now.
    03-09-2013 10:20 PM

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