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    Im having problems sharing calnedars between my 920 and my wifes 820.
    They both use @hotmail calendars as a default.
    I first tried to send her an invite to a meeting I created and noticed that it uses @gmail account picked up from facebook as a default so I added her @hotmail account to her contact info.
    The invite still doesnt arrive.
    Is it supposed to arrive as an invitation to the phone or just as an email?

    Next I tried to share our calendars at microsoft live but nothing happens even it says its sending the share invite.
    Am I doing someting wrong or what?

    I also tried to send an email to my @hotmail account to test it and it didnt arrive so I checked the settings and it seems that my hotmail account is named @gmail.com. Probably cause Ive used it to create the live account. I just thought that the hotmail account would automatically be named @hotmail. Now I cant do pretty much anything with it since it doesnt even let me access to gmail account when I try to link them.

    Do I have to close the whole account to get this working or what? Ive used the gmail address to create a microsoft account a long time ago and the address cant be changed anymore.
    I dont even need a hotmail address but I understood that it is needed to get the calendar working in the phone

    Also now I think I messed the microsoft account in 820 somehow when I closed and resigned the account through my computer.
    The phone still shows the old account and it cannot be changed....
    03-10-2013 09:44 AM

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