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    I was in the Plaistow NH store this morning with my daughter to pay a bill and look at phones, as always I play with the L810 and 8x seeing that they are side by side. one of the sales people came over and started talking about the phones, while my daughter played with the 8x. He had said he was really surprised at the way the L810 was selling. and that it was out selling the 8x 8-1. I said Oh at this store or on T-MO overall. Overall and at the store. So I had asked him why was he so surprised buy the way the L810 was selling. He said well the 8x is very high end WP device we carry...

    Anyway I didn't know that the L810 was doing that well over the 8x. Wonder what the sales numbers are with Verizon for each of the WP8 devices that they are sporting.
    03-21-2013 02:12 PM

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