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    Just wanted to point out a good place to compare WP8 phones in the flesh, all turned on and working. I was in an o2 shop on the south coast today and they had Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820 and 920s on display, and HTC 8X and 8S and Huawei W1 phones too.

    The 720 looks and feels like a 8X "lite", btw. Quite remarkable.

    I'm on Three UK and have nothing to do with o2 at all, btw, just interesting to see so many turned on and working WP8 phones to play with.
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    04-07-2013 11:15 AM
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    Agree. It seemed to take a while before the carriers caught up with WP but its finally happening. I noticed that even the displays look pretty good.

    Back in the WP7 days, I remember going into a T-Mo and they didn't even have one on display. It was stuck in a drawer behind the counter. "Ahhh, nobody was asking for it so we kept it in the drawer". I pointed to a crap looking android point and said, "that android phone is in high demand?" I forget what it was but when she said, "yes", I showed her a 2 week old story on my phone about that very device being discontinued. She said, "well, that's not what Tmobile said." turned and walked away.
    04-07-2013 02:57 PM

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