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    Saw a few threads about people unhappy about the Windows phone keyboard:


    And also noticed the vast difference in how people tend to describe the WP keyboard (From poor to great).

    I did some testing and found some truly very surprising results.

    1. Whoever uses English, pls switch to English (US). WP offers 3 English keyboards; US, UK and India. However they are not even slightly close in terms of how good they are. The keyboard suggestions and prediction in English (US) are leagues ahead of English (UK). English (India) is basically MS trolling Indian users. You can test this for yourself by switching the keyboard you usually use to either of the other two. If indeed you prefer British English, the workaround I have been using it entering all the spellings with Zs instead of Ss manually but for the most part, no one really cares if you type it in the US way.

    2. With people complaining about the capitalisation of the "i". This again comes down to which English kb you are using. US capitalises it automatically whereas English (UK) and (India) leave it alone as a lower case i. I have no idea why MS chooses to implement different algorithms for each rather than merely different dictionaries but they definitely seem different.

    3. I read statements around the web that if your "Phone language", "Country/region" and keyboard language do not match, the auto correct/prediction works differently to account for possibility of user switching languages on the fly in the same message. I could not confirm this but this is quite important so would love some help or confirmation on this :)

    When people say they love/hate the kb, they could be talking about any number of things (touch accuracy, auto correct aggressiveness, *lack* of auto correct aggressiveness, prediction etc) which makes it hard when one person is arguing they love the KB (but judging purely from touch accuracy) whereas another person hates it (but reason being the auto correct is not aggressive enough)

    Regarding touch accuracy, WP seems to have gone through various "phases". There were at least 3 distinct ones, the original KB that was fantastic and universally loved, the NoDo or Mango update changed the backend touch zone resizing algorithms and this is the first time when I started seeing complaints from people. The final one is the WP8 KB which is closer to the 7.5 KB than to the 7 KB.
    A lot of people finding issues with the touch accuracy or noticing their accuracy on current gen phones lower than the initial batch of phones from 2010 may actually be complaining about this.

    Regarding auto-correction, the most important thing is to be on English (US) irrespective of what dialect you actually speak as the auto correct and suggestions are better for this than for the other variants of English but another curious thing is that WP auto correct is not customisable and is tailored towards a slow-medium typing experience. For comparison purposes, iOS auto correct is also not customisable but it is tailored towards a slow OR fast typing experience but losing out to WP on medium speeds (auto correct on iOS can be super aggressive and change entire words). Android's auto correct's aggressiveness can be customised and as such it can be optimally used for slow and deliberate, medium or fast typing. Basically, WP performs very very well if some attention is given to being accurate or a reasonable speed is maintained, however it doesn't seem conducive to fingers blazing away and getting most letters wrong since the auto correct will usually only fix typos and mi**** letters rather than stepping in and changing words and sentences (unlike iOS or Android on aggressive setting or Swiftkey).

    This could be leading to some of the complaints as the people unhappy are the super fast typists whereas the people very happy with the hand-off auto correct are slow-medium typists. (I define fast as when your fingers are a blur and you are barely getting a single word completely right without auto correct stepping in. Switftkey is made for such people. Medium is what most experienced users would be and possibly be regarded as "Fast" by most people).

    Before weighing in, pls note which exact OS and version you have had experience with since saying WP is way better than Android doesn't help since it was almost objectively true with WP7 vs Android 2.3 (stock) but I don't think its true anymore with WP8 vs Android 4.2 (stock). Also custom OEM Android keyboards (HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz) don't hold a candle to the stock keyboard and the custom 3rd party keyboard apps are typically orders of magnitude better (Swiftkey!)

    In my personal opinion, Swiftkey > Android 4.2 (stock on Nexus 4) > iOS > WP8 (in terms of touch accuracy only, WP7 would be ahead of iOS for me) >>> HTC Sense 5 >>> Older Android stock keyboards >> Galaxy S4/Older Sense/Older TouchWiz (the S4 doesn't even have on-the-fly or in-place auto correct at all anymore, just suggestions)
    05-04-2013 03:41 AM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Wow you have done a lot of research into the keyboard and you bring up the thing that annoyed me the most which is the "i", I don't understand why it not auto cap in the first place I think it should be, but that just my opinion.

    I prefer WP8 keyboard over my ipod touch 4 gen OS 6.0.3 however the ipod smaller and I got big fingers, that why the WP8 keyboard perfect for me either space all the keys are the right size and I don't have to mess around with the auto correct only a few times like the "i".
    05-14-2013 03:47 PM
  3. identity-x's Avatar
    I absolutely loved the keyboard when I got my Focus in Dec 2010...

    After the 7.5 update, through the rest of the time I owned the Focus and through using my L900 I wasn't impressed. Not impressed with keyboard for the same reason (the touch zones I guess) on the L920.
    05-14-2013 04:41 PM
  4. ah06's Avatar
    If you switch to English (US), it should be auto capitalising it :)
    05-15-2013 04:42 AM
  5. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    I have WP8 and I personally like the keyboard with the autocorrect and preditctive text features. The only issue I have is with text editing. I'm not a big fan of the way WP8 handles it. I do like the way Android handles text editing and copying a lot better than WP8.

    I have used Swype on Symbian, which I loved and I hope to see something similar as an option on WP8. I'm a big fan of sliding over tapping.
    05-15-2013 05:38 AM
  6. Araslan's Avatar
    For an all touch keyboard, nothing beats the z10. Personally, as a second best i prefer windows. Followed by ios then android. Hate androids keyboard
    05-15-2013 05:52 AM
  7. vish2801's Avatar
    For an all touch keyboard, nothing beats the z10. Personally, as a second best i prefer windows. Followed by ios then android. Hate androids keyboard

    +1 I hate keyboard of my Nexus 4...while my Lumia 520 does very much better job. Never used z10 and probably won't be using it because of very high price but such cute things of wp makes me look back to my 520....
    05-15-2013 06:29 AM
  8. ah06's Avatar
    +1 I hate keyboard of my Nexus 4
    What specifically do you hate about it? Auto Correct aggressiveness?
    05-15-2013 07:49 AM
  9. anon(5725119)'s Avatar
    I love the WP8 keyboard. I've only ever used stock Android, iOS and WP7.5 and WP8 keyboards, and the WP8 one is my favourite.
    I'd say the order would be
    1. WP8
    2. WP7.5
    3. iOS
    4. Android
    05-15-2013 08:08 AM
  10. th0mas96's Avatar
    when you tap the keyboard, you can set thigs like the auto capitalization.
    05-15-2013 08:17 AM
  11. sonardude1's Avatar
    I miss my SWYPE keyboard.
    Sent from my HTC6990LVW using Board Express
    05-15-2013 08:26 AM
  12. AV2RY's Avatar
    Dont want to make another thread about this (too many about keyboard already) hope somebody can help me with this. I absolutely dont have any problem with keyboard except with ONE WORD (15 letters). I added it to dictionary but it doesnt show up when I type it.. never. It used to work fine before I did hard reset,only with just 2-3 letters it would come up, but now it never does. I double checked it and it is added to dictionary, I know because when I select it it doesnt show up with the "+" sign in front of it. I really dont want to reset suggestions,added alooot of words in it, is there any possible way to fix this issue. I know wp has very limited settings for keyboard in this particular area, but still..anything?? btw I have L928
    02-04-2014 10:20 PM
  13. Quinn FitzGerald's Avatar
    I have WP8 and I personally like the keyboard with the autocorrect and preditctive text features. The only issue I have is with text editing. I'm not a big fan of the way WP8 handles it. I do like the way Android handles text editing and copying a lot better than WP8.
    Spot on I think. I dislike how deleting some things switches back to the numbers/characters keys if you were using them.

    02-04-2014 11:07 PM
  14. nokia6300's Avatar
    With key press sound enabled and keyboard launched have any of you guys notice a hissing sound coming from the speaker? it's quite noticeable on my L720. is this normal?
    qsr786 likes this.
    02-05-2014 01:01 AM
  15. AV2RY's Avatar
    Still, anyway to fix issue I posted early?
    02-05-2014 12:39 PM
  16. Skinnyman9000's Avatar
    See whilst trying a Nokia 520 I found I much preferred the stock keyboard on my Nexus 4 (now on 4.4.2). The touch accuracy seemed particularly poor in comparison, but then I guess it didn't help that I went from a 4.7" screen to a 4".

    Bringing a swiftkey option to WP8 wouldn't be a bad thing at all!
    02-05-2014 02:19 PM

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