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    Hi, I'm new to windows phone 8, I thought I would give it a try as it looked like a refreshing change from Android. So far it does most of what I want but the music player caused me endless headaches, I have very limited experiance with tags, most of the media I use just played on anything I threw them at till I met windows phone 8, geez, duplicate tracks, some albums split as single tracks and some real oddball listings.

    I know some have problems with tags so I spent some time reading and experimenting, heres what I discovered.

    1) music thats been moved around from pc to pc or has been copied from drives as backup or has been stored on a server for instance will mess up on my phone.

    2) music thats been dragged to the pc thats connected to the phone messes up but music direct from the pc it was ripped on sometimes doesnt mess up.

    So after some long evenings, formatting the ext sd card, removing it from the phone, resetting the phone, pulling my hair out, I finaly think I've fixed it, well for me anyway, it may work for other people.

    Im my case, a Huawei W1, I formatted the card and phone folders and restared the phone to clear out my attempted loadings :

    The Xbox settings OFF ( dont have one myself )
    Connect phone to pc > show hidden files > empty the hidden folders music on the phone.
    Format the ext memory or card on the phone.
    Restart the phone

    Next step:

    First, connect the phone to the pc that has the music stored on it OR copy it over ot the connected pc into a new folder to make it easy ot work from.
    I loaded each music folder / album into Mp3tag and tested to see if it would find the tags from tag sources menu, if it did I then removed all the tags and then searched and added them again together with any album art.

    Its long winded but made less so by selecting all tracks and removing tags > add tags > add album art if needed.

    Skip the sync with windows media player or the infernal windows desktop client, I copied the music folders over from windows explorer direct to the phone.

    Allow the phone time to find the new folders and you sould be good to go.

    There was one triplicated but I selected the second and third in the list and deleted it, the remaining track works.

    I worked this out from info gleaned through other peoples trials and errors ( read PAIN ) and a bit of luck finding out the folders mess up if not tagged on the connected pc. It seems this phone likes its music tagged on the pc it came from or the bugs make it appear so.

    I hope this doesnt just apply to my phone, I would like to think my pain will help other people. If this is already known, or its full of typo's, my appologies, its been a very long night :-(

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    06-04-2013 04:46 AM
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    Painful process but glad you were able to sort this out. Hopefully GDR2 fixes this issue.
    06-04-2013 04:52 AM
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    You can easily detect messed folder by using DuplicateFilesDeleter, this will help you to find duplicate files and folder and you can also delete them easily.
    01-18-2018 06:31 AM

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