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    I've only had my Lumia 928 for a little over a week- so I am still getting used to it, and adding configurations and apps. However, I've noticed that items I add to my calendar on the phone appear in 'hotmail' as messages when the set reminder triggers. The odd thing is, the times for these reminds are off: I have set a reminder, for instance, that I have work and it is set to go off 30 minutes before I need to be at work. I get the bar (at the top of the phone) reminder on time, and the full-screen reminder with dismiss/snooze, but when I go into the mail, the times are 3 hours off. I'd noticed this same issue on win8 after ever single install- I set eastern time as my time zone, and the clock on the computer is numerically correct, but when going into the metro settings on a computer, it always seems to default to pacific time (I'm guessing, centered around Seattle). I checked the time zone on the phone, and it is correctly set to Eastern. Any thoughts?

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    06-13-2013 10:59 PM
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    Apologies for not performing a rigorous search in the forms and web for a solution. I fiddled around with settings and such, but saw similar forum posts, and went to my MS Outlook calendar online, and on first loading of the page, it asked me for the time zone. I hope this solves my issue- I like the idea of allowing the phone to keep the time zone automatically set (though, I've been in a different time zone recently few enough times to count on one hand!). I will try and expend this effort before posting my concerns/question on battery life/drain and alarm vs reminders.
    06-13-2013 11:37 PM

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