09-21-2016 05:54 AM
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  1. dkp23's Avatar
    This past week, i've been having issues with yahoo mail. Previously i had no issues getting yahoo mail to work properly on my 620 in the U.S.

    Now, i keep getting the attention required notificaiton to re-enter my password which is the same and sometimes it has trouble syncing and getting stuck. Wonder anybody having the same issue on their phones?

    I go to login on my Pc, no issues, works fine.

    I recently had my email compromised which resulted in my email sending out spam to my contacts, i switched the PW and all that already, but keeps asking for password to be re-entered from time to time.

    If i delete from the phone and reinstall it would work for about 30 minutes and they ask for a PW again. I have to keep entering my PW which is annoying.

    Any help appreciated.
    06-19-2013 11:52 AM
  2. jbfe's Avatar
    I'm having the same issues. It always asks me to re-enter my password, I do that, it tries to sync, then it fails and I have to start over again. Ugh. Any ideas? It's worked fine for the past two years, but over the past week or so it's been messed up
    06-19-2013 03:12 PM
  3. Maserati Storm's Avatar
    Yeah, ive been having that off & on, I been thinking its been my account so I changed my pass, but the same thing.
    06-19-2013 03:55 PM
  4. raul_junior's Avatar
    I've had that happen about 15 times since December but it syncs well
    06-19-2013 04:25 PM
  5. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    I've had my phone for under 2 weeks and have been prompted at least 3 separate times to reenter my Yahoo! password. It doesn't seem to have problems syncing, but the prompts are rather annoying.
    06-19-2013 04:29 PM
  6. TMavC5's Avatar
    Yup, having same issue.
    06-19-2013 04:40 PM
  7. dkp23's Avatar
    Thing has spread to surface RT. i cant even login using the mail app to yahoo, wont even accept the correct PW.

    Yahoo dun goofed or messin with us like google.
    06-20-2013 01:02 AM
  8. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    I do not use yahoo but similar issues arise using all mail
    06-20-2013 01:23 AM
  9. gnd1's Avatar
    YES!!!!! only happens with Yahoo based accounts. My Bellsouth email address is through Yahoo, and it does the same thing. I set one of my Yahoo accounts up as other email(not using the Yahoo email setup button) and it worked for the 1st account, not the others. I wish that there was a Yahoo Mail app we could use!
    06-20-2013 06:10 AM
  10. iainmann's Avatar
    Yes....having the same problem with BTinternet accounts in the UK...BT email runs on Yahoo. Keep getting asked to re-enter password.
    06-20-2013 06:29 AM
  11. s03's Avatar
    Im using Gmail.....and i do hv d problem for past 1 month......
    06-20-2013 06:43 AM
  12. thzman's Avatar
    I installed the Yahoo app to read mail and I've got no problems at all.
    06-20-2013 07:02 AM
  13. bill2455's Avatar
    Yes, on my N920 that I've had for 2 months with no problems. Won't reliably sync; repeated requests to update password. Works in the browser but not in the email app. No problems with any other of my phones, tablets or PCs. Have deleted the account and added back, still doesn't work. Have tried to add the account back in using "other account" with no success. Problem started soon after I changed the password. I have been able to sync the account only a few times but it seems like a random occurence each time. One of those times was yesterday (after an hour worth of failed attempts) and so far I can still sync, the longest period of sync'ing in the last 7-8 days.

    Update: 6/21/2013. Still sync'ing correctly. Crossing my fingers that it continues. I am putting this down to either a yahoo-side issue or the approach of the spring solstice.
    Last edited by bill2455; 06-22-2013 at 01:25 PM.
    06-20-2013 07:04 AM
  14. DrewT3's Avatar
    Same here, my Yahoo works on computer and Android tablet but is flaky on WP8. It keeps asking for the password. It will occasionally sync, but right now it hasn't synced anything more recent than 10 hours ago.
    I tried deleting and recreating the account using Yahoo's instructions. I tried changing my password on the account. Nothing I've done has had an effect.
    06-20-2013 09:13 AM
  15. Paul Rodriguez II's Avatar
    Having the same issues with HTC 8X using native mail app. No issues with mail app in windows 8...yet.
    06-21-2013 11:54 AM
  16. juanitoriv's Avatar
    I went to yahoo, upgraded to latest "Mail", said to require "SSL", and have had no issues for the last few hours. Time will tell if its a permanent fix
    06-22-2013 07:54 PM
  17. angel51woo's Avatar
    I link all my mail boxes: hotmail, gmail, ymail, never have problem
    06-22-2013 08:36 PM
  18. juanitoriv's Avatar
    Then it came back, so I looked around more. Yahoo said to remove the account from the device for 12 hours. I removed, and just rebooted my phone. Working so far..
    06-23-2013 03:38 AM
  19. Kevyn Degia's Avatar
    Occasionally it asks for my yahoo pwd too, but like one every other month.
    Brw is there a yahoo mail app??? Not official, for sure. I'd love an app to sync my contacts from my yahoo account to my wp8 device
    06-23-2013 04:17 AM
  20. lafn's Avatar
    I got so sick of this I created an outlook.com address which works great and am migrating my email to it. I just use a browser shortcut to check yahoo once a day.
    06-23-2013 05:51 AM
  21. jbfe's Avatar
    Then it came back, so I looked around more. Yahoo said to remove the account from the device for 12 hours. I removed, and just rebooted my phone. Working so far..
    Did the 12 hour cycle fix it?
    06-25-2013 02:54 PM
  22. juanitoriv's Avatar
    I think so, at least mostly.
    06-26-2013 08:30 AM
  23. juanitoriv's Avatar
    Its been good since Sunday night. Send, receive. No worries. Again, 12 hours. I also cleared my IE cache. Hope this is the fix for everyone..

    06-27-2013 10:02 AM
  24. watsonm's Avatar
    Yes,I am it's very up setting that I can't get to my computer right now and this phone is my only way I can get to my yahoo mail what is going on help please
    07-07-2013 01:30 PM
  25. rdubmu's Avatar
    One solution is to set up your yahoo account in Outlook.com, it works great!
    07-07-2013 01:39 PM
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