1. michail71's Avatar
    I was in one of the larger AT&T corporate stores yesterday to look at getting a Galaxy S4 for my son. As I was browsing around I noticed there were no WP8 phones or accessories anywhere in the store. Not a single Lumia to be seen. Every smartphone bay besides the iPhone bay had S4s. There was even a nice Blackberry display.

    Perhaps they are gearing up for the 1020?
    07-26-2013 10:55 AM
  2. Narse77's Avatar
    My store still has a few Lumias around. Did you ask a person onsite?
    07-26-2013 11:04 AM
  3. michail71's Avatar
    No, I was just observing what it would look like to an uninformed customer. It's a wonder Nokia is selling any phones, at least on AT&T now.

    I know, the irony is I'm getting an S4 for my son.
    07-26-2013 01:57 PM
  4. foxbat121's Avatar
    I was in one of the larger AT&T corporate stores yesterday ......
    Perhaps they are gearing up for the 1020?
    You nailed it. 1020 is supposedly on sale today.

    Besides, stores stock whatever sells best. Being only 3% of market share, it is no surprise that will reflect on the shelf space. I don't see why you should be surprised. Also, Samsung spent almost $1B/year for marketing in US. It will be no surprise to see Galaxy S4 everywhere you go. When was last time MS or Nokia spent that kind of money to promote WP.
    07-26-2013 02:05 PM
  5. Aaron Bateman's Avatar
    The Verizon Store in the West Covina has a prominent WP8 display. They are apparently selling well and have fewer returns than the Android phones.
    07-26-2013 04:02 PM
  6. inteller's Avatar
    "att is a dreadful partner"
    07-26-2013 04:07 PM
  7. bilzkh's Avatar
    I think Nokia could sell more Lumia 1020s unlocked and off-contract in the U.S through the Microsoft store than AT&T.

    All over the U.S I am sure there will be 100,000+ persons available each quarter willing to spend $700 on it. Factor in the people who will buy Windows Phone even if it were on AT&T and combine it with those willing to buy but on different carriers.
    07-26-2013 04:09 PM
  8. rmichael75's Avatar
    I think nokia has given up on US..
    07-26-2013 04:14 PM

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