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    I have long believed Windows Phone doesn't need a notification center. I haven't missed it since I switched from android on my cellphone and iOS on my iPod; but since a lot of people are aksing for it, I think the best place to put this notification + control center is in the box that appears when you press the volume keys. I mean, it's accesible from anywhere in the OS and provides a clean interface; also, it won't be in your way of anything and, unlike a swipe from the edge of the screen, it's not a hit or miss.

    I have worked in some concept on how this would work. When you are listening to music, a little player pops up, right? Well, with my idea, it'd be moved to the bottom of the bar instead of the top; it'd always be there if you swipe down the bar, providing a quick way of playing music. Also, some more other toogles could be add in there, maybe four toogles (cellular, wifi, bluetooth and NFC) and a brightness slider.

    09-09-2013 04:15 PM
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    I had exactly the same idea with the volume button, check my early posts, I did some mock ups, but I used it for other things. My notification centre was slightly different and could be got by a swipe. I also considered the volume enrty method too. Have a gander at mine, if they are still accessable.


    My first attempt is at post 31. I like the idea that the original chap had, but I did not like how he got to his. I submitted quite a few around this time. Further on is my notification centre. Post 42 on that thread I added the notification bit.
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    09-09-2013 04:18 PM

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