1. marcusasdrubal's Avatar
    Some complain the need of Notification Center, others say that is not necessary, specially because the live tiles, but here what I think:

    My opinion: Me tile always worked for the notifications for me, specially because I only use Facebook and Twitter. I never understand why they complain about FB notifications on the app, specially because me tile worked for me nearly real time.

    I guess Microsoft could work to improve Me Tile even better, get another apps to drop their notifications there (a kind of lenses integration). Imagine Skype and other apps, even e-mails, dropping the notifications on me tile, much better that just copy from iOS and Android notifications. Me Tile wil gather all the notifications, not only from FB or Twitter. I guess it would better solution following the windows phone concepts
    09-10-2013 09:16 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    That sounds like a great solution IMO
    09-10-2013 09:21 AM
  3. marcusasdrubal's Avatar
    I saw some notifications center leaked on the web, the first thing that I thought, hello MS why not improve Me Tile, that gathers all the information around you instead of giving(copying from others) notification center?

    Much better, follows the windows phone concepts, focusing on people instead of apps. Me tile could gather news, e-mails, skype, calling, all notifications.
    09-10-2013 09:33 AM

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