1. Andy McQueen's Avatar
    I had to have my 925 swapped out as the screen had become loose IE was coming apart from the shell.

    I read all the Nokia documentation as to backups, and the carrier instructions.
    • I have restored my phone over 3 hours ago and its a mess, none of the apps have had data backed up, so my speed dials are all messed up
    • None of the Bluetooth connections have been restored (I drive 7 different vehicles and no handsfrees will now work)
    • The wifi access points are all totally missing, I had over 50 access points I regularly use - all gone!
    • Whilst my photos are on SKYdrive, I cannot get them back on the phone and now I have "Camera ROLL" and "Camera ROLL from skydrive" and no way of combining the two (I want the camera roll locally, and backed upto skydrive not the other way round!!!)
    • Internet explorer favorites and custom settings are not there, nor are passwords or logins nor are the social media client logins....

    I have done numerous backups of phones, My last Blackberry was amazing it restored it an as was condition, my wife's iPhone again the handset was swapped it was perfect after a restore.
    When I had old windows phones I just backed it up to a local pc with spb backup and it worked perfectly.....

    This isn't a full backup its not even a proper system state backup, and as such it should give a warning.... I'm terribly disappointed with this aspect of this phone and now feel I could no way recommend this to anyone not technical, if it was my wifes it would have caused severe heartache, as these details (losing, passwords etc) would not be known or remembered......

    So whoopy doodaa its save contacts and text messages and phots were uploaded to skydrive..... thats the easy bit, what about everythink else come Microsoft.... up your game
    09-17-2013 07:08 AM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Yes. It is like they ran out of time and didn't finish providing a full backup and restore feature in WP8.

    What is there gets your phone working in terms of core apps and contacts, but the detail isn't there as you say. Primarily App data and Wifi/BT profiles.

    Go vote here:

    Device backup

    Edit: Oops.. they say that's complete. Yeah, don't think so.

    This one is people saying not good enough:

    Expand device backup scope on WP8
    09-17-2013 08:07 AM
  3. Andy McQueen's Avatar
    I just keep finding more and more problems..... THis should not be called a backup its literally just a contacts and sms backup. nothing else is backed up...
    My picture favourites have gone,
    Even the lock screen pin number hasnt been restored...

    How can this be so shokckingle incomplete, and why hasnt a third party released an app for it even if it was just PC based, surely the sytem state or profile is accessible.
    09-17-2013 08:50 AM

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