1. selfxd's Avatar
    I like to spoof my data sense, by telling it I have a real low amount of data and then setting it to restrict the data usage when low. This seems to block almost all data usage until you call upon it. The only thing I've still seen use data in the background is the store checking for the daily update.
    I know I could just turn off the background updates but this keeps them working when im connected to WiFi.
    09-30-2013 06:07 PM
  2. PB_H's Avatar
    Nice discovery.
    09-30-2013 08:39 PM
  3. Paul Verizzo's Avatar
    As a certified plan cheapskate, this is a nice tweak. I got data clobbered last month when WP uploaded some photos when I was out of wifi connection.

    When that happened, and I was out of data mb, I found that I could use my phone number with Google, um, is it Voice? Or, Talk? You know, the sorta Voip service. Anyway, you don't have to port your number, and SMS will work fine when in wifi-land. MMS won't.
    09-30-2013 09:33 PM

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