1. jractive's Avatar
    Hello WP users

    I just recently switched from a Lumia 925 to a Lumia 1020. To my astonishment I discovered yesterday that my internet radio apps do not work. I used last.fm and TuneIn Radio frequently and both are not streaming any music any more. It's not working over WiFi nor over cellular network. I'm not sure if ever tried the internet radio apps on my Lumia 1020 before so if they every worked on it.

    Can you still use your internet radio stations? On which phone? Is it just a problem with the Lumia 1020 or maybe with all Lumia phones?

    Best regards,
    10-15-2013 02:10 AM
  2. Jason Drum's Avatar
    iHeartRadio and Pandora work on my 928 with GDR3.
    10-15-2013 09:39 AM
  3. Sandra Milo's Avatar
    Used TuneIn Radio for IOS with no problem. It's horrible on the WP.
    Difficulty Connecting
    Frequently, like Always, drops out
    Does NOT always quit playing in the background when you close the app, even though you can't hear it (this one drives me nuts)
    Nokia Lumia 1520 (love the hardware....the available apps, not so much)
    03-16-2014 02:54 PM

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