1. theefman's Avatar
    Whenever a new Nokia is announced that is exclusive to our "beloved" att a familiar chorus springs up from Tmo users. Well as far as the latest Nokia devices are concerned, take a break because the Tmo brass have decided not to carry them: T-Mobile Won’t Be Getting Any of Nokia’s Latest Devices : My Nokia Blog.

    So before moaning about att exclusivity maybe consider Nokia is actually making good decisions by actually getting a US carrier to stock their devices in the first place. No matter how poorly they are actually supported in stores, at least they are available.
    10-31-2013 11:10 AM
  2. iamtim's Avatar
    I've never visited that site before... what makes it official?
    10-31-2013 11:26 AM
  3. hopmedic's Avatar
    My Nokia Blog isn't an official site, but it has a good reputation.
    I've never visited that site before... what makes it official?
    As for TMO customers feeling left out... ahem... Verizon has had fewer Windows Phones and fewer Nokias than TMO.... Relax, wait, and see what happens.
    10-31-2013 12:30 PM
  4. inteller's Avatar
    good excuse for Microsoft to sell unlocked unbranded Nokias at Microsoft stores that have T-Mo bands enabled.
    hopmedic likes this.
    10-31-2013 01:04 PM

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