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    I've been an WP user for over a year now. First on WP7 now WP8. Because I'm not an Apple addict or on anything smelling of Google my friends sometimes say I should trade up. When I try to show them or tell them about WP platform they roll their eyes.... idiots. They don't understand the beauty of the platform. I love that its so user friendly, simple, and bold. The camera features and apps are the best on the market hands down. And what's one of the main things you do with a phone...take pics right? Its the best phone for social networking (I can easily post to fb,twitter, etc) Not to mention Skydrive and Office. It has all the simple features if a phone and does them very well.

    What do you love about WP8? What do ppl u talk to say they don't like about it? I'm tiered of WP being a lower tier platform when its a great product aren't you?
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    11-30-2013 11:47 PM
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    i dont thing WP8 is a lower tier platform.its a 3% market share platform.

    you wont bring up market share from 3 -> 60% by having a "beautiful platform". What the average user is interested is having his/her apps & games as soon as his/her iphone & droid friends.

    The things that I like the most about WP is that its lightning fast, none of the lag issues of android, as the WP API disallows the background ad services and other junk that come packaged with most android apps (even those from 'respectable' software houses). I can appreciate this because i have spent some time tinkering with both OS.

    But there are still embarrassing issues with the WP which are took ages to resolve (e.g. to use the WP backup/ restore feature apparently only works if you have a 3G carrier who didnt need APN config, not knowing of this defect, reassured that i had backed up my phone data to the cloud, and needing to reset my phone due to the 'other storage' bug, i was unable to restore and lost everything),

    also the severe lack of customization e.g. lack of privacy of sms toast notifications, how can i demo the nice features of my phone to people i meet and keep my incoming sms private? The API restrictions mentioned earlier means that only microsoft/nokia can develop certain fixes/workarounds. With android any defect can be resolved by the community in a few days by downloading an app.

    The restricted API is a good model, but it puts pressure on MS/Nokia to churn out all the bug frixes/workarounds itself . I dont think they have the manpower allocated to the WP project to keep up. Android has the developer community to help with workaround apps.

    PS if you wish to fix the word 'live' in title of your post by using edit/go advanced mode
    12-01-2013 01:24 AM
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    Simple..it's not IOS and it doesn't leave me scroogled.

    BTW...true story. My friend went to Puerto rico, she had her phone with, she has been back about a week and all of a sudden all the ads are Latino oriented..hahaha..even jcpenny ad I saw was for in Spanish lolol
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    12-01-2013 02:42 AM
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    I like how you can customise your window phone more than other phones. Tiles can be different sizes and colours, not just set out in straight rows. You can have pictures of whatever you like scattered around your start screen, not just one picture in the background. You only need to look in the "post your home screen and background" thread to see what can be done.

    After this, all i care about is being able to call, text, web browse and use social media. Which any phone can do these days. I obviously have other apps and there are some great apps out there.

    Its all down to personal preference and at the moment mine is the windows platform.
    12-01-2013 02:17 PM
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    I like the speed and smoothness,the bold clear display ,here drive,Nokia mix radio and the great camera on my 920.
    12-01-2013 05:52 PM
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    The UI. Simple as that.
    12-01-2013 08:18 PM
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    I always participate in these threads with a similar story but here it goes...

    I'm a tech lover, especially in phones. Phones are something that I've constantly bounced around, switched up, sold off, etc. I like to try the different things out there or at least be knowledgeable about them. Before my reasons were for finding a platform that fits my needs, which is why I tried out BBOS6, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. I've revisited every one of these platforms more than once to see if maybe a second (or third, or fourth..) try would convince me that I overlooked something. That maybe my mind was just wanting to get a new, shiny phone so that's why I sold off a perfectly good phone. Or that maybe the problems I did have would be fixed when I come back to it. So after this hunt I've come to this conclusion:

    Windows Phone is home for ME. If I were to add up all of the times I've left the platform and came back, it would be more than any other OS out there (I've owned the HD7, Lumia 900 twice, Lumia 822, and the 520). When Windows Phone first came out, I liked how it stood out from the rest, but it had many features (and apps) that were missing for me (at the time, I owned a Samsung Transform if I'm not mistaken). Mango brought me on board (had a 3GS at the time). I loved that it was fluid and consistent like iOS but somewhat customizable like Android. The design of MetroUI being across the whole ecosystem really looks great and keeps everything consistent (I HATE how there's no uniform in the apps for the competition). Everything I needed in experience was there, but the "functionality" was lacking (I know apps was a big deal for me since my tastes started to grow, but I believe the bluetooth inconsistencies and lack of FFC being supported were also deciding factors for me getting a MyTouch 4G *my ex was getting an iPhone 4 so I wanted to be able to video chat*). So I held off for a few months, then got on contract at AT&T because...

    Nokia, my all time favorite phone hardware company, decided to partner up with Microsoft. Oh, happy, day, indeed. So when I signed the dotted line, I got a Lumia 900. LOVED that phone and camera, but then my application needs were not being met again (plus I wanted a really nice case for my phone and couldn't find them by popular manufacturers like iPhone, which made me get an iPhone 5). So I sold off my Lumia 900 (had to get a insurance replaced one because of my screen being cracked, which is how I got two 900's) and got an iPhone 5 around the time Windows Phone 8 launched. I stuck by the forums to read up on everything and see how things were being developed and if my issues would be solved

    While switching devices AGAIN and keeping up with WP8's progress, I started to really think about the things I need in a phone and which apps are must haves. One thing I knew for sure was that having the latest and greatest wasn't a priority: consistency was. Consistency in the Operating System, day to day use, battery, these things needed to be checked off for me (I had to remember about why I sold a lot of my phones and that popped up in EVERY case). My last iPhone was the 5 and although the phone performed great, the battery was HORRIBLE. Barely lasted a whole shift at my job (and I had to buy a 30 dollar charger because the one that came with it became unusable). Then my last Android device was the LG Optimus G. Great device, and Android performed a lot better, but it still had performance issues with rebooting, frozen screens, and this weird thing (for this phone at least) where I would NEVER hear any alerts while I was taking a phone call. That was annoying.

    So I bought the 822 to give Windows Phone another try because above all else, consistency was never a problem. I knew that I loved Nokia and I knew that I came back to Windows Phone the most. Windows Phone 8, since I joined on, felt like a complete experience. The only reason why I got a 520 was because I wanted MMS more than anything, and even for a phone this cheap it performs a LOT better than my iPhone 5 and Optimus G (consistently). These things kind of make up the reasons why I love Windows Phone more than the rest:

    Integrated Social Network- The competition has similar things, but nothing close to how WP has chose to implement it. Being able to go to my contacts and look at the timeline, filter which contact or social account I want to look at, all without opening an app is a big seller for me.

    Live Tiles- Yes, the notifications aren't that speedy. Yes, it could use some work. But I don't require to be up to the minute on everything and everyone. I just don't. Live tiles does the job exceptionally well for me. It takes the idea of widgets but doesn't break the flow of design like Android can (and I don't have to take over two hours to create a uniform look either). I have quite a few group contacts who have live tiles, and keeping up with them doesn't seem exhausting as it can be if you were to just open facebook or twitter to see EVERYTHING that everyone has posted. Now I can choose who I want to pay attention to. It's also easier to separate family, business, friends, etc. The idea to glance at a few bits of info without having to open anything essentially works. Might not be up to everyone's expectations but it gets the job done

    Notifications- despite those that dislike this feature of Windows Phone, I adore it. I HATE having notifications CONSTANTLY filling up my screen, especially from apps I don't care to stay up to date on. I love the option of choosing which apps I want to have priority

    XBox Music- Have always loved Zune, and I like Xbox Music's functionality. I hate that I can't create playlists, but I like being able to find an artist's collection, download what I want, stream what I want, and it all performs pretty well. Spotify is great but having to create a playlist for EVERYTHING is too much. I like that when I download things, it'll create a slot for the artist.

    Bing- Being able to search for multiple things in one push of a button has been a very useful tool for my life. Need to find information on something real fast? I can bing it. Yes Google has done a great job of doing that with their devices now, but that's not where it ends for me. Got a song that's on the radio that I don't know? Bing Music. Ah ha, I don't have to search for that Shazaam app that happens to start with an S that's all the way at the bottom of my app drawer, and by then the song is gone. I see a QR code I want to scan? Bing Vision. All of this being located in one section of the phone is a BIG deal for me and it works

    Third party developers- Developers (like Rudy) seem to make really great third party alternatives on this platform than the others in my opinion. I love using these more than the official app most of the time.

    Yes there are a few shortcomings on Windows Phone for me (which can be changed by switching devices ) along with a small app gap, but above all else, consistency has ALWAYS been in my favor with this platform. I know that iPhone will have a lot of expensive things that I will need to replace (headphones, charging cables, etc) and I know that even with Android improving so much, I can't depend on it to perform like it did the day I got it. I've found these things in Windows Phone, and I plan on sticking with the entire ecosystem to be honest. I am probably going to get a Surface and an Xbox One (the Xbox being much later). Microsoft has finally gotten it right, all across the board, and I'm all for giving them my money without worrying about what the rest have to offer.

    But I need for GIFS to be able to be sent in texts like on iOS. I miss that LOL
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    12-02-2013 03:47 AM
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    wow , thats a lot of phones
    12-02-2013 04:23 PM
  9. cckgz4's Avatar
    wow , thats a lot of phones
    And that's not even all of them

    Oh and I love auto-correct on windows phone, but wish they had a "dictionary" to where you can take away some words (I accidentally added a misspelling of you to "yoy" so it NEVER corrects that)
    12-02-2013 04:28 PM
  10. Darren Walsh's Avatar
    And that's not even all of them

    Oh and I love auto-correct on windows phone, but wish they had a "dictionary" to where you can take away some words (I accidentally added a misspelling of you to "yoy" so it NEVER corrects that)
    just go to advanced in keyboard settings and reset suggestions, that should do the trick
    12-02-2013 04:53 PM

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