1. ninny1176's Avatar
    Verizon triples LTE capacity in 4G war against AT&T - NBC News.com

    It's been said that the 928 will support this (not in the above article)...but when is now the question?
    12-06-2013 12:55 PM
  2. kg93678's Avatar
    Probably with GDR3/Black in January.
    12-06-2013 12:58 PM
  3. jmshub's Avatar
    Verizon's LTE is sooo far ahead of att...it sucks for me that I have only seen the LTE icon light up on my 920 a few times, and the 3G around here is terribly slow, it seems like we are suffering oversubscription issues.
    12-06-2013 01:03 PM

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