06-22-2014 08:47 PM
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    I think I heard on a podcast that you only need a sim in it to download the maps over wifi. I think after you download the maps for your country you can remove the sim. I have not tried it myself but might be worth a try.
    I have a 520 as a developer device. I use it without a SIM and have downloaded maps. There is no activation needed.
    I think there's a bit of confusion between HERE Maps and HERE Drive (and HERE Drive +). Without a SIM you can use HERE Maps and download maps, but in order to use HERE Drive for turn-by-turn navigation you need a SIM. The reason is that HERE Drive is only license for a single country, and that's the country that your SIM is active for. So no SIM, no HERE Drive. HERE Drive + on the other hand is usable anywhere in the world and does not have the SIM limitation.


    HERE Maps - no SIM required
    HERE Drive - SIM required the first time you run it
    HERE Drive + - no SIM required
    06-22-2014 08:35 PM
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    i bought the windows 8 phone l925(l1020) December 2013 model *clone* from a overseas online site. when i turned it on it was already on the Google android OS so i used my wifi to connect and i use the play store to do what ever i need. but i have issues with some of the apps because of my ram and internal memory is so over powering with the apps it slows or freezes down. i use a 16gb external SD card for extra memory so it doesn't mess up. and i reboot if it freezes. but over its an awesome phone. its the bright red one they have online and it got it at a steal for $43.
    but still if im still not able to get the windows to pull up at all, there's nothing showing where at to access to buttons widgets applications. I've searched EVERYWHERE in this phone. i guess ill wait to get a sim and activate to see if its changed. IF YOU OR ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING LEGIT PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
    So this is an Android phone that looks like a Windows phone?
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    06-22-2014 08:47 PM
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