1. skiliak's Avatar
    Hello, so I have lumia 920 for 5 months or something.... love the phone but hate the software.... few things I want to ask and tell if no one noticed and I want to get enlightened.

    1. I have few sites that I visit daily and have problems with them, for example truewow.org when I log in there and try to hit any of the falling menus they are not active and the phone lets me only copy paste the text. So anyone can test this and see if its ok for him or its just me.
    2. Online video player, OH GOD it`s a hassle.... I cant forward roll and backward any online video... if i have to see only 10 seconds in the mid of a 40 min clip I have to wait and watch 20 min. and that`s a pain in the A>>>>>
    3. many times I am in sites for video steaming I can`t even open the clip, I click and click and click and its like I`m hitting on a picture not an active video clip ......
    4. Since 2 days ago my msg`s stopped coming, when I try to send a msg or receive it says "can`t connect to chat at the moment, but we are trying".

    thees thins bug me the most, cuz they are my daily thing and I cant use the phone for anything but a cell and cam :D

    If anyone has some explanation or a way of fixing thees issues pls share it .....
    01-22-2014 08:21 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    I'll help a bit here.

    1) Not all websites are well optimized for mobile phones and because of IE you have the issue that not all sites work with IE. You can try UC Browser and see if you have the same issue. You can't set it to default but at least if it works for you that's all that matters.

    UC Browser | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)

    2) There are other video players, I recommend checking this one out: MoliPlayer Pro | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)

    Not free but at least it gives you the functions you're after. There may be a free option if you look on the store.

    3) Again, IE and WP only allow certain formats currently. I believe UC and Mobiplayer should help here as well.

    4) As for this last bit I would suggest contacting your carrier. It's possible the settings are incorrect.
    01-22-2014 08:51 AM
  3. lpforthewin's Avatar
    Regarding number 4) if you search on these forums there's a suggestion somewhere which has worked for me. I can't remember it exactly but it's to do with the battery saver function.
    The solution is some series of steps involving turning off chat messaging and battery saver and restarting and turning things on again.
    01-22-2014 09:24 AM
  4. skiliak's Avatar
    UC browser don`t do the thing ! :D for the player still not into paying for things that 95 % might not work .... gonna wait for some improvements in the near future I hope ....
    01-22-2014 11:17 AM
  5. manicottiK's Avatar
    1. I have few sites that I visit daily...the falling menus are not active...
    Those sites haven't done anything special to support touch use. Apple "hacked" webkit, the software underlying Safari, so that fingers act like mice (the first touch is translated to "mouse over" and the second touch is translated to "mouse clicked." Microsoft proposed a touch model that addresses mice, styli, and fingers; the W3C has accepted the Microsoft proposal, but other browsers don't yet support it. I wish that Microsoft would both support their new touch model and fall back to the webkit model when the site doesn't appear to support the new method. Until then, as users, we're at the mercy of site developers.

    2. I cant forward roll and backward any online video...
    If you mean streaming video, the server needs to support jumping around. If you mean downloaded video, just tap the timeline where you want playback to jump. (Did I misunderstand this question?)
    01-22-2014 12:06 PM
  6. Zapella Tiago's Avatar
    About problem on site, try to change setting on IE Website Preference "Desktop Version" or "Mobile version".

    As another user said: Not all websites are well optimized for mobile phones.
    01-22-2014 12:51 PM

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