1. wiggum15's Avatar
    Hi !

    I really like WP compared to Android but i think MS should add some more options to the customization part.
    For example the abillity to add Wallpapers and give us more accent colors. For the wallpapers you would maybe need to let some free space on your home screen but i think this could look cool.
    Just like with the photo hub background image or the nakoa mixradio artist backgrounds...thats some awsome effect.
    One major part where they need to give us more options are the accent colors, i mean what would be the problem with adding 10 more modern & cool colors ?
    Currently i can only stand 3 (zyan,bluegreen,steelgrey) of them. Brown, red or orange just look awful. This should be something that could be easily added its already possible with the interop unlock. I know WP is about the "clean" look (much like iOS7) but just look what people already do to their phones with all those customization apps...most results look awful and will most like turn anyone who sees them away from WP.
    Yesterday i saw someone with dark-green accent color, black background using only wide life tiles and some nasty looking battery-info tile.
    Everyone who sees this must think...."uhhh that WP...how ugly".
    I mean MS should give people some more well crafted options for customization and some more modern accent colors.

    What do you think, do you also wish MS would give us more options for customization and more accent colors ?
    01-30-2014 07:01 AM
  2. untitled007's Avatar
    I agree with you, this is what im hoping to see in the future, but i guess it is not included in 8.1 ,maybe wp9 lol.
    01-30-2014 07:15 AM
  3. himmatsj's Avatar
    I would like to see dual accents (primary and secondary) like Windows 8.1.

    Also, an ability to have live tiles use a background as its image would be awesome. There are apps that can do this, but its confusing.
    01-30-2014 07:33 AM
  4. wiggum15's Avatar
    Dual accents sounds cool.
    How does it wrk in Win8.1 ?
    01-30-2014 10:50 AM
  5. nasellok's Avatar
    Just give me the Live Tiles over a background image – live tiles that I can move, or keep space around at my hearts content. If I could have a static background, with live tile overlay, id be a happy man. On both WP, and on Windows 8 – why do the tiles have to snap to each other – why cant I move them around leaving voids with a background image. Im hoping that in Windows 9, we can place live tiles on the desktop, at varying sizes, and the larger the tile, the more information you can see. If you go to a certain size, the tile becomes interactive like an android widget. There is no reason why I need all of that purple/cyan/orange around the system apps, and generic apps that don't utilize live tiles in WP– the system apps should have customization / transparency, and the ability to see whats beyond (a background image).

    Other than that, I love WP, and Windows 8. Now just give me Flipboard (on W8, but not WP8), and EA sports games such as Madden, Tiger Woods, MLB, NHL, etc. and I would be a happy man.
    01-30-2014 01:09 PM

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