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    To save articles for reading later, I (like many others) depend on Readability and I'm really surprised by the fact that we still don't have a decent client with barebones features.

    I have tried almost all of the apps available on the store:

    Reedability - Okay-ish application which could be improved. Is ad supported. I contacted the dev once, who assured me of an update which still hasn't delivered. Not accusing him or anything, just saying.

    Read Better and Read It Later - Read better is paid and is still carppy. RIL isn't much different.

    Readdlo - Probably the best app there is, with almost every feature I ever needed. It worked great, until the day I just couldn't login. I've contacted the dev but haven't heard back from him.

    Now Readable - Our only hope and the reason I was tempted to write this post. This is the app I'm currently using but am not satisfied with it. The developer is fairly approachable via [twitter](https://twitter.com/chustar) and does not have any plans for adding ads or anything. Isn't that great?

    The git repository is located here. Things that'll most likely be added in the next version are here.

    If you are a WP Dev, have time to spare and care enough about such a client I urge you to help with the development. Try out the application on your phones or on the emulator and report some bugs or better yet, code out a feature and submit a Pull Request.

    I haven't seen a WP App being developed this way, so let's create an example out of it.

    This is off-topic but the only other open-source WP apps that I'm aware of are those created by Matt McCormick. In case you know of any others, post them in the comments.
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