1. mukulagarwal's Avatar
    I m facing a very viered problm.
    Apps are not opening!!.
    Touch is fine but only the store and messaging tiles are working fine else all apps are not opening.
    Please help me out someone.
    However a soft reset solves the problem temporarily ,but after few hours the problm again arives.
    (windows phone 8,Nokia Lumia 720)
    06-02-2014 05:57 AM
  2. alinauman97's Avatar
    Happened to me once on my Lumia 520, on Windows Phone 8 GDR3. The tiles on Start Screen would show that they are being touched but no app would launch, neither from the Apps List. Only Settings opened, to reveal a blank page. Restarted the phone, and I never saw encountered the problem again.
    06-02-2014 10:33 AM

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