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    Hey all,

    Honestly, the biggest quirk I have with my Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon is that, once the Facebook app is installed, there isn't a native 'share to facebook' under the share options when sharing a photo.

    Now, I understand that the Facebook option WILL show up when I opt to add my Facebook account under the 'add accounts' portion of the phone. That, however, adds a bunch of other junk that I don't want (syncing all my contacts with Facebook and showing Facebook updates for my contacts under the "people" section of my phone). Having to deal with all that extra integration isn't worth it when I simply want to be able to share a photo quickly to Facebook.

    So, until Microsoft and Facebook develop better app integration, is there another option?

    I know the Nokia Uploader app allows a similar workaround for posting to does something similar exist for Facebook?


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