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    So I have a few big problems with my WP8 Lumia Black gdr3 520
    1. Other storage issue
    There is more than 2gb of my phone storage that is missing which is unaccounted for.I am constantly running out of phone memory which makes my phone lag like crazy so does 8.1 solve this other storage issue ?

    2. IE browser sucks
    . IE browser refreshes the page every time you switch back to it after using another app and it also refreshes when you switch between multiple tabs,its very frustrating and eats my data so does 8.1 solve this problem and also is there any speed mode data saving option in the new IE ?
    3.No copy/paste/move/delete options
    . I want to be able to do this stuff on my phone and not through PC all the time so does 8.1 address these issues ?
    There are a few more minor issues like having to manually download images in an email,not being able to install apps in SD card,limited native video codec support,back button behaves in weird way,etc.
    Are any of these issues solved in 8.1 please let me know.Thanks.
    09-16-2014 02:24 AM

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