1. SoullessOnyx's Avatar
    Hi, I am considering ordering a new Nokia Lumia tomorrow, it will either be the Nokia Lumia 930 or the Nokia Lumia 735, I just really can not pick between the two, the only issue I have with the 930 is the fact you can not add any memory, and eventually I will run out of memory but other then that the phone looks amazing! But I need to hear from people that own the phone!

    So what should I pick?

    01-12-2015 05:14 PM
  2. legend921's Avatar
    I have both the 735 and the 930. The 735 is thinner and lighter and has a great ffc and a good rear camera with a single led for flash. As for the 930 you get a bigger phone but you have higher specs and that means that it will eat into your battery. Now it comes down to your needs regarding to the phones. The 735 has expandable memory which is a definite plus since you can have all your media on the card and when you're ready to upgrade to another the files transfer with the card. No need to sync.

    For the 930 you get Hey Cortana when you're on denim and you get the faster load time with the camera and a physical camera. If you prefer camera and top specs then the 930 will be the way to go, however, if you don't need to have the better camera and just need to use it for phone, surf, media consumption then I would recommend the 735. The case is replaceable so I didn't mind jot using a case for the phone. The camera takes good pictures and is just a bit slower than the 93 but it still loads a lot of things fairly quickly. I hoe that helps.
    01-12-2015 05:25 PM

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