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    So I've been living in Japan since 2007 and have become a Windows Phone fan. My first phone here was an HTC 8X, I owned the AT&T and the general unlocked model. I have since upgraded to a Lumia 930.

    I have been using Softbank as my provider by using the black SIM from my iPhone.

    To set up the phone you have to manually enter ( Settings > cellular+SIM ) in the internet and MMS APN settings as follows:

    Data Connection: on
    Network Selection: Softbank
    Manual APN: on

    Internet APN
    APN: smile.world
    User: dna1trop
    Password: so2t3k3m2a
    Authenntication type: PAP
    IP type: IPv4v6

    APN: smile.world
    User: dna1trop
    Password: so2t3k3m2a
    Authenntication type: PAP
    MMSC(URL): http :// mms/
    MMSC port: 8080
    Maximum MMS size: 30720
    IP type: IPv4v6

    Leave the other fields blank and it should work fine.

    In Japan each phone company operates different frequency bands so it's good to find the phone that best matches the bands used by each company.

    A quick google search of the frequency bands for your specific provider should tell you what you need to know.

    I don't know the APN settings for other networks and it may be best to search which will best match your Provider and SIM. In my case these are the settings that work best for the black SIM that is offered with iphone.

    Finding Windows Phones in Japan can be a bit of a challenge as Amazon sellers dont usually ship to Japan. There are some sellers on eBay located in other parts of Asia that will ship to Japan.

    I bought one of my phones from a website called Expansys. They ship quickly and you can pay by both credit card or cash on delivery. They typically only carry the most current model and once their stock runs out they may not order more.

    The other alternative I found more recently is a place called IOSYS located in Akihabara. They have several other shops around Tokyo and you can also purchase from them online. If you look at their site under the SIM Free section you can find their selection of Windows Phones. The prices may be different when you visit the actual shop. I bought my second Lumia 930 for 34,000 yen while they are listed on their website for 43,800. In my case I asked the guy for a discount and he sold the phone for 800 yen less if I paid cash. Not much of a discount but it covers transportation.

    I have found the bands of the Lumia 930 dont match with the Softbank network so well so I dont get as good coverage as I did when I was using a Softbank issued iPhone but its enough for daily use.

    The other difficulty I have found with the Japanese market is that there arent any strong navigation/map applications for Japan. The maps are not downloadable as with other countries so I typically would rely on a Google Maps app made by random college kids which worked well enough but wouldnt always face the direction you would face on the map.

    I hope this is a useful guide and we can further build the Windows Phone community in Japan!
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