1. GeneNZ's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Wondering anyone could give me some ideas on this one.

    I'm looking for a set of good quality in-ear headphones with an inline remote that works on a Nokia Lumia 800. So that means the forward/backwards/play buttons work and potentially volume control.

    I know Nokia has the Purity Range of headphones that have an inline remote, and they were designed for the Lumia series. I had it on order and all stores were reporting a 1 Dec release, but now its been put back until 15th Dec.

    Problem is for various reasons I can't wait that long.

    Does anyone else have any experience with headphones with an inline remote that works? Some people have said the Klipsch S4i might work, but I haven't tried it. I've tested on some Beats Audio headphones and they definitely don't work. That's the only headphones I've been able to test out on.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.
    12-04-2011 12:13 PM
  2. GeneNZ's Avatar
    So to add to this, I tried a set of on-ear Nokia Purity Headphones at CarPhoneWarehouse in Ealing.

    The inline remote works well. Volume works well and there is a single button. You can play/pause (single click), fast foward (two clicks), rewind (three clicks).

    For 200 though, the sound quality of these headphones are horrible. They are similar quality to the audio by beats range (which is to say they are ****). My current 40 Soundmagic PL45 sound alot better. I have some Klipsch S4's on order at the moment. I didn't order the S4i's because the inline remote probably won't work.
    12-05-2011 04:07 PM
  3. cgk's Avatar
    Any more recommendations?
    12-15-2011 02:36 PM
  4. cgk's Avatar
    Just a quick bump - anyone tried any other headphones yet? I want some with an inline mic.
    12-30-2011 08:17 AM
  5. MarkyGuitar's Avatar
    I have a pair of Bose QC15's. The inline remote will pause / resume the current track only. The mic does not work. I am using the straight cable without remote instead. Bose have no plans as apparently it will work for som Windows devices (HTC) but not others so I'm praying a developer will make an app to enable any headphones designed for iDevices to work with Win7.5 (as a dev mate said it should be possible but doesn't develop Win7.5).

    BTW I too ordered some Purity HD headphones from Amazon and was so sad when they arrived :@ - they looked cheap and sounded a lot worse than the 180 I paid so I sent them back.
    01-08-2012 10:15 AM
  6. fbloise's Avatar
    Are the Purity in-ear WH-920 any good??

    I'm looking for something good for my Lumia (and occasionally my BB Playbook)..
    01-10-2012 06:10 AM
  7. cgk's Avatar
    In the end I got this:

    Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    Seems to work fine and the advantage is that you can plug in and use any headphones you like.
    01-12-2012 01:44 PM
  8. Bora777's Avatar
    A Lumia 800 with any firmware earlier than the one being released this month is going to be a poor judge of headphone sound quality.

    I have the Purity HD over-ear headphones and they are pretty excellent with my Sony Walkman A846. I just updated my Lumia but I haven't tried it with the Purity yet.

    In any case, for regular use I have my Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth earphones which are unaffected by the Lumia's originally poor audio quality.

    The advantage of Bluetooth headphones, especially for Windows Phones is that the universal AVRCP controls work perfectly, whereas for wired headphones your choice of WP-compatible controls is quite limited.
    03-06-2012 01:45 AM
  9. thepickupbear's Avatar
    Are the Purity in-ear WH-920 any good??

    I'm looking for something good for my Lumia (and occasionally my BB Playbook)..
    I have these and gave a cursory review over on the Lumia 900 forum. I like them quite a bit, though I'm currently using them with non-nokia hardware until I get my Lumia, so the inline remote does not function for me.
    03-06-2012 11:38 AM