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    Earlier this morning when I heard AT&T announce the new Lumia phones and that on the official Nokia US site they would both be "exclusively" on AT&T. I was shocked. Mostly for the 820. I would have thought it be on more carriers since it's not a high-end phone.

    So when I looked this morning on the Lumia 820 page, this is what I saw:

    After I got home from school I saw this:

    I guess Nokia just accidentally added the word "exclusively". So we just have to wait for T-Mobile's announcement, and I would believe it would come sometime in November.

    I'm not really surprised that the Lumia 920 is an exclusive though, since AT&T had the 900 and it was exclusively through them.

    Your thoughts? Happy that it'll come to T-Mobile, maybe even Verizon as the 822? Or don't care about the Nokia phones, just going for an HTC 8X?

    Personally, I'm on AT&T and will most likely be picking up a Lumia 920. :)
    10-04-2012 09:19 PM
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    Interesting... PLEASE let it be true that the 820 will come to T-Mobile! I've had my eye on that phone since the WP8 line was announced and it would be perfect for me. I would much, much rather have a Nokia (I've had 5) than HTC (have had none) because from everything I've heard, they provide much better support overall, and I want those great Lumia exclusive apps. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed on this!
    10-04-2012 09:25 PM
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    Thank you for pointing this out. I've spent most of the afternoon worried about the future of Nokia if they were going to make BOTH new Lumia phones AT&T exclusives.

    I'm on AT&T myself and planning on a 920 but for the future of Nokia and the ecosystem in general I'm glad that there's hope that Verizon and T-Mobile will both get at least a version of the 820.
    10-04-2012 09:57 PM
  4. fiveodano's Avatar
    Nice catch, there's still hope.
    I'm with T-mobile as well and am looking at either the Sammy or the 820(if they get it)
    I've decided I want a phone with a removable battery. The battery on my HD7 will not fully charge and I've had it less than 2 years. I'm not about to spend 30+ on a battery for a phone I'll be selling on ebay in January. The removable SD card is a factor as well, but a small one
    10-04-2012 09:59 PM
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    I want the Lumia 820 to come to US Cellular. Given a choice between the 820 and the 8X (which has not been confirmed for US Cellular either), I might pick the 820 for Nokia's unimpeachable customer support and quick updates. Though the 8X's high-res screen is also enticing.

    Let's hope I get to choose either, instead of just being stuck with a choice between the 8S and some godawful ZTE.
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    10-05-2012 02:33 AM
  6. ricardios's Avatar
    I knew the 820 wasn't also exclusive to AT&T. Considering how well the 710 sold on T-Mobile they had to carry another Nokia. Thanks for the post!
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    10-05-2012 03:08 PM
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    10-08-2012 03:29 PM