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    10-13-2012 01:26 AM
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    This is a good read!
    10-13-2012 01:50 AM
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    pretty good read
    10-13-2012 02:46 AM
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    This guy gets it.
    10-13-2012 02:49 AM
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    It really is strange that so few "analysts" point out Nokia's relative strengths. This author is one of very few on that site (seeking alpha) that isn't all doom and gloom in regards to Nokia's financial and business situation... and yet, as he states, call options outnumber put options over 2:1. That means over twice as many investors are expecting Nokia's stock price to rise substantially (double) by 2014. Something just doesn't match up between what is being reported, and where the money is.

    Sure, Nokia isn't out of the woods, and things can still go terribly wrong, but as I have said elsewhere, Nokia's current stock value doesn't reflect reality. As their stock is priced now, Nokia is expected to go nowhere except to a bankruptcy court, while most of the money on wall street paints a completely different picture of Nokia's future. That money is just all "parked" in a way that it doesn't affect stock prices.

    I think institutional NOK bears and all the bulls are currently playing a game of chicken with each other. The institutional bears are doing everything in their power to force the stock price as low as possible. They hope NOK holders will get nervous and sell off their positions at the lowest possible price, hoping to buy them up in order to offset potential losses from previous bets on Nokia's demise, which nobody is as sure of today as they were nine months ago. Unfortunately for the bears, they are encountering strong resistance around $2.50 and time is running out. They won't be able to keep selling uncertainty if the WP8 launch actually goes well... God forbid should Nokia announce a profit in Q1 2013.
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    It's great to see a well-written article that doesn't have sentiments like "selling phones against Apple and Samsung? lolwut?" in it...
    10-14-2012 12:32 AM