1. EricCantona's Avatar
    Does anyone know?
    10-21-2012 06:20 PM
  2. VagrantWade's Avatar
    Does anyone know?
    It's unibody. So no.
    10-21-2012 06:23 PM
  3. EricCantona's Avatar
    Ah thanks
    10-21-2012 06:45 PM
  4. tissotti's Avatar
    Does anyone know?
    Lumia 920 is carved out of one piece of polycarbonate, that also plays to that weight.

    So no, backplate certainly isn't swapable.
    10-21-2012 06:57 PM
  5. TenTwelve's Avatar
    If you're adventurous and can get a hold of one you could swap your guts into a new shell. I may very well do this if I can get my hands on a gray body.
    10-21-2012 07:06 PM
  6. tlo07's Avatar
    It would probably be easier to just stick a gel case on it. I learned this lesson with my iPhone 4S. I ordered metallic purple housing for it and had it swapped out. It looks flippin' awesome but I can't tell you how many people have asked me "Where did you get that cool sticker for your phone?" or "Is that a case?". I could have saved myself $100 if I would have gotten a sticker or case instead! LOL!
    10-21-2012 10:45 PM
  7. wp8nyc's Avatar
    There are already tons of gel cases in all of the 920 colors all over eBay (not that I'd ever use one). That could be an option if you really wanted to change colors I suppose.
    10-21-2012 11:11 PM