1. AnIrudha's Avatar
    I live in India and plan to use 3G on the phone.
    This link GSM World Coverage Map- GSM Country List by frequency bands shows that we use 900 and 1800 bands. The one which went on sale on Negri is showing only 900. I plan to buy it from the US. Which bands should I look for before I purchase since there was no word about International version on the page.
    10-22-2012 06:04 AM
  2. anon(5335899)'s Avatar
    Phones bought from the US are either locked to AT&T or imported from outside the US in the first place. Getting one from the UK would probably be cheaper and easier.
    10-22-2012 08:27 AM
  3. devize's Avatar
    Both versions will work on your network. I would look for an international version though for the reasons posted above.
    10-22-2012 08:56 AM