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    Hello, guys!

    I need your help with a doubt I have. After buying a locked AT&T Samsung Focus last year and unlocking it myself, I was all set to get a Lumia 920 international version this time around, so I could enjoy no AT&T limitations here in my country (i.e. no internet sharing, delayed updates).

    However, I was looking through my government's FCC equivalent and I saw that there are ongoing plans to allocate first the 700 MHz band and then 2100 MHz to LTE in the next few years. The AT&T version of Lumia 920 is the only one that supports these bands.

    My problem is that I was counting on sharing my data connection with my Surface through WiFi, but now I'm afraid the AT&T 920 won't let me (in my Focus, I have the option, but I can't turn it on). Do you think it will be a problem? Also, are there any other differences, apart from the colors available and the battery life, between the two versions?

    Thank you very much and sorry for the long post!
    10-28-2012 05:14 PM