1. Muessig's Avatar
    I'm quite tempted to an 820 as its probably going to be the most competitively priced WP8 here in the UK that isn't by HTC (I have seen them abandon (support wise) basically every phone they've made whereas Nokia still support theirs).

    So my question is this; we know the 810 is a variant of the 820, and the 810 has a 1800 capacity battery and the 820 has 1650. So will Nokia make available a replacement battery for the 820 that has a higher capacity?
    10-30-2012 05:24 PM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    Who the heck knows. At this point, we can't get solid dates of release on the phones, much less the accessories. Give it a few months.
    11-01-2012 11:14 PM