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  1. jkrc717's Avatar
    Thats the last day I have to either stick with T-Mobile or switch. I also want to be able to port my number through.

    Don't mean to sound like a complainer, but I like planning ahead.

    Maybe I'll even get an unlocked version and use it for T-Mobile. I can live with 2G and just use Wifi until the refarming is complete in a few months and ATT can shove it!

    Actually do the "G's" have any affect on phone calls, texts, picture texts or is it just the web?
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    10-31-2012 04:26 AM
  2. josephtd's Avatar
    Well, it looks like AT&T now has the Windows Phone 8 page up that we all saw posted a couple weeks ago here on WPCentral, so it seems like we may be getting closer. I suspect we won't see preorders until they get the Note 2 out the door as AT&T seems incapable of handling more than one high profile preorder at a time.
    10-31-2012 08:45 AM