1. jkrc717's Avatar
    I have a L710 for T-Mobile. I live in a popular suburb in MI. According to the map, I get top coverage.

    I clocked in at 4Mbps. Shouldn't I get up to 42Mbps?

    Thats pretty slow isn't it?

    Seems very fast when I'm using it.
    11-01-2012 03:24 AM
  2. Coreldan's Avatar
    That's cos normal web browsing isnt likely to even cap 1Mbps. Not unless you are just downloading something or streaming videos or high quality audio. The only time internet browsing will cap my nonexistant 1Mbps home internet is when I open my browser that opens up 5 tabs at once at it loads em all at the same time :D

    Isnt the 42Mbps for LTE/4G though, which afaik 710 doesnt have? Also it's still theoretical and depends on how many people are using the network in addition to you.
    11-01-2012 03:29 AM
  3. jkrc717's Avatar
    T-Mobile says it's 4G.

    Shouldn't it be 14Mbps then?

    Little strange. 4 Mbps is very low.
    11-01-2012 03:40 AM