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    I am certain that there are already threads about this topic, but I was wondering if I could get opinions now that quite a few user reviews are up on the web. Coming from an iPhone only 6 months into my contract, I really just want to get onto a Lumia device. Since I have to pay outright for the hardware, I have been debating between the 920 ($599) vs the 900 ($250 from various places on the internet). Do the increased hardware and software features justify an extra $350 or will I be just as happy with the 900 and $350 saved. I have not used Windows Phone extensively before and so I will really be happy with any switch from my current phone.
    11-05-2012 12:44 PM
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    That's going to depend on how painful that extra $350 is going to be for you.

    I love my 900, but the 920 is going to have some significant advantage that for me are worth that amount of money, especially when you consider the vast bulk of your cell phone cost is the month-to-month payments you make to your carrier. When you look at it that way, the $350 is less significant!

    Major benefits of the 920 include:

    - Much better screen with significantly higher resolution AND greater touch sensitivity (use it while wearing gloves) AND faster refresh for less blur while scrolling.
    - Much better camera, especially in low-light situations
    - Can run apps that only have a Win Phone 8 version available
    - Wireless charging
    - Integration of photo-related apps as camera "lenses" is a really cool idea IMO. Not sure if Win Phone 7.8 will be getting that or not
    - Dual-core processor with double the RAM (1gb vs 512mb) so switching between apps should be smoother

    As I said, the 900 is a great phone, and Win Phone 7.8 will bring some very nice updates to it, but if you can afford the $350 extra without too much hardship, I'd say go for it!
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    11-05-2012 12:53 PM