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    (excuse the poor spelling. I am typing this on my MS surface)

    I was one of the lucky few to get the pre release nokia 920 from rogers in Canada. They Released one unit per store in Toronto and I somehow managed to swindle one. I own a Samsung Galaxy s3 and blackberry 9900 (for work).

    I was very nervous leaving android for WP8 initially and reading mixed reviews online from the verge and other source I was very sceptical of the 920.

    First thing is first


    the weight is amazing. Anyone who says its to heavy needs to look for something better to complain about. My galaxy s3 was much lighter but also felt cheaply built compared to the 920. The weight and thickness grew on me after 2 days. The lumia feels better suited for business compared to the galaxy s3 or iphone 5.

    The typing took a little getting use to coming from swift key on android but after 2 days I was typing as fast as I was on my BB. You can really feel the high sensitivity feature in the screen and allows precision typing. I found myself not needing to use autocorrect as often.


    The thing I loved most about my galaxy s3 was the removable battery. I would say that the battery life on 920 and s3 are about at par but I find myself bringing my charger with me due to the fact I cannot swap it. I have not been able to use the wireless charger yet because they have not been released in Canada yet but I hope that having one in the office and one at home will fix this problem. Other than that it was a pretty good battery.


    This thing flys. WP8 is built so well and I have not had one hiccup with this yet. Multitasking is not as good as android but due to the integration in WP8 I have to use less apps as I would in android. Everything is somehow built into my home screen. It feels really nice not to have to open different apps all the time.


    I take tons of pictures with my mobile phones and I used my galaxy s3 camera religiously. The low light shots this takes truly are amazing. It picks up all the light easily. Having a dedicated camera button really makes this feel like a camera not a phone. I have not found my day time pictures to be washed out as much as people are complaining about and to be honest I really like how the 920 does not sharpen the pictures that much. They can be easily edited with creative studio afterwards. Some phones make pictures look fake now.

    I have used the camera on the iphone 5, galaxy s3, and one x+ and the nokia really does produce the best shots and is the easiest to use. Just press the shutter button and the camera loads up.


    When I have this on full brightness I catch people beside me looking over mesmerised by the sharpness of the screen. It really is a pleasure to look at.


    during my first 2 days of use with my 920 I thought I was going to switch back to my galaxy s3. Going from android to WP8 really is a big transition. WP8 is completely new and takes some getting use too. Having a phone that was not yet realised to the public kind of made me feel special so I held on to it.

    Now I cannot imagine using any other phone. This really does feel like a luxury business device and sending emails, texting, browsing the web are a pleasure on this device. I really do like the fact that I do not need so many apps due to the integration of WP8 and I feel more productive on my phone due to it.

    Nokia just needs to market this better


    (sorry the poor sentence structure and spelling. This is my first post and im typing on a tablet(
    11-12-2012 04:05 PM

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