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    Received my Black Lumia 920 from AT&T Friday of last week. ( Loving it ! My wife got the Red one. ) After I had a chance to get the feel of the phone I found as others have noted, that the phone is pretty slick in the matte finish so I ordered a black silicon skin cover for the phone from Amazon. Helps the grip quite a bit. Not worried at all about having the phone slip through my fingers now.

    After reading the instructions for using the wireless charger I received with the 920 I noted that there cannot be anything between the phone and the charger or you will get a flashing light ( on the charger ) and the phone will not charge. Well,,, I accidently set my 920 on the charger this morning with the skin on it and walked away without thinking. A few minutes later I realized what I had done and went to take the skin off and found the phone to be charging. Pretty interesting... I picked it up and found the phone to be no warmer than normal during a charge cycle and placed it back on the charger. About an hour and a half later the phone was fully charged.

    Has anyone else experienced this ?

    So far this is the best phone I've owned and would highly recommend it. Had the Samsung Focus for the last two years with no problems but the Nokia 920 specs were just to compelling to pass up. WHE
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    11-14-2012 12:57 PM
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    it makes sense pyschics wise, depending on how dense and thick the material is. Good to know though, On the other hand no case is going on my phone, love the gloss white. Sexy. I'm actually getting the stand instead because I'd like to use it as a clock and the syncing should be nice.
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    11-14-2012 04:27 PM
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    was wondering this myself! att ordered a case and the charging plate for me so I have yet to use it. others chime in please!

    11-14-2012 05:14 PM
  4. Moocowdeluxe's Avatar
    I would think the only issues would be with placing metallic materials between the phone and the charger or something very thick. A thin silicone or plastic case probably shouldn't have an effect.
    11-14-2012 05:52 PM
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    This "limit" is going to be completely based on the type/thickness of the material between the phone and the charger. As a quick test, I played my microfiber cloth down. It charged just fine. I folder it in half. I still charged fine. I folded it again. The connection was weak, and would charge for a second, then reconnect. Folder in quarters it was pretty thick (I use the beefy microfibers made for drying cars).

    There is actually evidence of this in the "fatboy" pillow charger. There is undoubtedly more material between the terminal on that charger than there is between the Nokia branded charger, and it works fine (at least in theory, I don't have one). I would think that the average case should interfere with charging in this manner so long as it is not made of metal.
    11-14-2012 05:58 PM
  6. pjs37's Avatar
    Not surprised really my WiiMotes have Silicone sleeves and they charged through induction charging the sleeves did little to stop it.
    11-14-2012 06:16 PM