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    I have been using two HTC 8X HSPA+ phones since November 2012.
    Here are tricks and tips to improve battery life.

    Note: If you have installed the Portico update along with the firmware update, your battery life is generally speaking at least doubled.
    Following problems are solved with Portico: High standby drain in Flight mode, is reduced to 1% for 6 hours. It also seems to be the
    case that Email will no longer try to sync in WLAN when it switches off in lock-screen. You can Enable WLAN on in lock-screen.
    GPS power drain has been reduced significantly, you may leave it on. Steps 23 and 24 can be skipped if you have the update on a new phone
    that came with Portico like ie. the HTC 8S.

    *** First you need the following aps. ***
    a) 'Battery Status' from "Tomaz Wisniewski", it seems to have the lowest battery drain of all battery apps.
    b) ConnectivityShortcuts from "OU Dev." (FREE) (Setup to show 5 little tiles on start screen, WLAN, Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Location, Flight Mode) *(Thx to HG for finding this one, cause it is very good!)
    c) Understand how to end "formerly opened apps". (Like this, keep back pushed, go into app, then use back until it exits that app, then that app is closed, repeat with all apps.)
    c2) Skype: You may wish to close it that way... Note that in the Skype app, you click on your photo on the top right, there you can change your online status. Not sure if this also affects the app running in the background... so... take note until we get out of Beta Skype.

    >1. LCD brightness, if you don't live in California and it is currently winter, you might want to set it to "Medium" and leave it there. Maximum brightness is a energy hog and uses a lot of power. If you use the automatic mode, it will go to maximum outside, when in fact you can read "Medium" well in your own shadow.
    >1a) Beware of too much color in always "medium brightness"... red and orange affect less your night vision. Grey works great for the always medium setting, when it is dark, cause our eyes see B&W in low light. -> Try it, if find it less blinding when it is dark.
    >2. NFC. Switch that thing off. Disable under Settings "Tap and send", then reboot.
    >3. Location services... this GPS + Glonass = needs plenty of power = disable when not needed.
    >4. Bluetooth, when not needed disable it.
    >5. WLAN... when not needed disable it. Also if you have Portico and have WLAN at home and where you work, you might set it to "keep on with locked screen" and simply use 2G when you are in you car. Don't forget to switch off WLAN when you are on the move and no WLAN hotspot is around.
    >5a) Under Settings, Wifi: Select Advanced: Disable Notify me when new Networks are found. Disable Send Information about WiFi connections...
    >6. Mobile Network... select the lowest data speed or no data (no data only, with manual sync for all email accounts see Point 22!) in order to minimize consumption, when you are not in need of surfing the web. Your phones are CDMA... mine are GSM... So I use 2G most of the time, no data if the connection is real lousy.
    >6a) Under "edit Internet APN", "edit MMS APN", select IP type: IPv4 only if you are often on WLAN. Many Firewalls do not yet allow for IPv6.
    >7. Under settings, disable "battery saver", you can safely drain down to 3%... not an issue. Red light will blink on your phone when juice is low, at 10% or lower!
    >8. Under settings, disable txt msg backup and photo backup... you can do it manually as needed, no need to send data all the time, battery killer and potential data plan blaster.
    >9. Under settings, pan to applications (left or right). This one is longer:
    >9a) Background tasks: disable all you don't need much. I have 3 running... limit yourself to 4 max.
    >9b) Games: Disable Sync game requests.
    >9c) Music + Videos: If you don't use the service... disable "Connect with Xbox Music" disable "Xbox Music cloud collection"
    >9d) Photos + Camera: Disable, Press and hold camera button to wake up the phone, Enable: Prevent accidental camera launch when phone is locked.
    >9e) Search: Use my Location, switch to OFF, Disable (Send location information for MS Tags), Disable: Allow search button from lock screen.
    >10. Ease of access: Select Font size you need to be able to read quickly. Enable Screen magnifier if needed. (Double Tap)
    >11. Find my phone. Disable, Send apps to my phone using push notifications... Most don't need it. You can buy from phone so...
    >12. Phone update: Disable, Automatically download updates... (Reason is that it might download when you least need it to do that!)
    >13. Feedback... Disable it if you have a low volume data plan
    >14. Beats Audio: It is automatic, should be set to "off" if no headset is connected.
    >15. Attentive Phone: Make your selection. (Seems to draw more power than you think! Try all off for a day!)
    >16. If you use the HTC app, remove all locations and news feeds you don't need. (Danger for your data plan!)
    >17. If you have a Google account, news are that you should set it to email only and check mail every 2 hours or manually. There seems to be a software issue in WP8 that can drain the battery. If your calendar is on Google, try using a Hotmail account. It might be best not to use a Google account as your Microsoft primary account because of issues with Google having changed some things recently, has to do with contacts and the calender. Note: Seems to have improved, try calendar and notes for a day.
    >18. DO NOT DUPLICATE THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT BY ADDING IT A SECOND TIME AS A HOTMAIL/GOOGLE etc. ACCOUNT! This is also something that seems to drain the battery. I did that... I could see the phone battery go to zero in 3 hours. In any case your primary Microsoft account get synchronized like if it was an additional Hotmail/Google account.
    >19. Under calendar settings, remove all calendars you don't use! (Avoid syncs for nothing.)
    >20. If you use Hotmail, migrate to Outlook.com... this enables a more advanced type of push notifications.
    >21. For each email account, make sure you enable only the sync settings you need. Don't sync contacts with an account that you don't need the contacts from.
    >22. Take note: To all those that like me, put their phone into "WLAN only", with no data over their carrier, when they are at home. As the WLAN is cut each time we lock the screen, unless we select keep WLAN alive with the Portico update, this will not keep the email clients from trying to sync on wake-up. You notice this in the battery power consumption in the morning, when you first leave the "Flight" mode. The email client does NOT stop trying to sync in that mode and now will try to sync all you mailboxes. If now your phone is on "WLAN only" and you lock the screen, (the phone will disable WLAN after a short while, this while in full sync! if you do not select the keep WLAN alive option that comes with Portico!), you may lose 10% of your battery for being unable to sync email. Workaround is to either (if you have unlimited data) make sure you are at least in 2G or to set the screen timeout to 15 minutes and to leave it charging during those first 15 minutes. Do this, so that all the sync tasks can be completed. It is a weird misbehavior of the email sync timer! So TIP use the option to keep WLAN alive that comes with Portico!
    >22a) Better to always be in 2G if you have unlimited data, because of the rather stubborn sync behavior of the email client. It does in fact consume less battery if your phone syncs over 2G rather than to sync with a "WLAN set to ON" but (off) in locked screen mode. I don't sync my accounts manually, neither do most of you.

    >23. Do not do this until your phone is two weeks with you!
    Maximizing the battery through a full battery discharge to calibrate the battery meter.
    Step 1. Use your phone to the point that you come home with less than 40%
    Step 2. If you have a good 3G/4G connection where you live, make sure the phone is on 3G/4G this under Settings/Mobile Network.
    Step 3. Go to settings/lock screen, there remove your password if you have one. Switch "Screen times out after" to "never".
    Step 4. Switch brightness to HIGH.
    Step 5. Disable the "battery saver".
    Step 6. Play a game or surf until the phones red light starts blinking informing you that you are at 10% battery left.
    Step 7. Go to mobile network and switch to Edge/2G then disable data. Phone mode only (For cooling purposes as your hand is normally the heat sink.)
    Step 8. Switch "ON" WLAN, browse some more until you are around 5%
    Step 9. Switch the "Flight" mode to "ON"! (Now the CPU is not doing anything to files on the phone! Phone is cooling off.)
    Step 10: Place phone on a table, let it discharge in the start screen mode using full brightness as main consumer, remember "timeout is set to never".
    Step 11: When Phone has fully discharged, immediately (within 15min) plug it in to recharge.
    Step 12: After the boot when you connect for charging, set the brightness to "Medium" and switch the screen timeout to your preferred setting.
    Step 13: Switch off screen and let the phone charge over night.
    Step 14: Restore your normal settings for password, connection mode etc.
    Step 15: Next day When Battery hits 65 to 75% recharge early to full once.

    >24. Should your phone only charge to 99%, restart it, use it and recharge it sometimes latter the same day.

    >25. Facebook... Will always run in the background if you do not disable tile notifications. Decide if that is what you want. Also "The Facebook" is a nice addition or replacement for the Facebook app form Microsoft that will not run in the background.

    >26. Sometimes a task will run away under WP8, your phone will become real warm and drain the battery. Simply restart you phone, it will stop to drain. If not, use a soft reset. (Keep power pushed until phone restarts to soft reset). I never needed a soft reset, but you never know...

    >27. HTC has released a piece of info here in Europe telling people how to calibrate the battery charge % system. The thing to do to make sure that the 100% counter is in fact 100% of capacity, is to charge the phone until the charge light turns green. Then, while still connected to the charger, restart the phone. If the counter is not calibrated, the phone will charge with a red charge light. Restart the phone as often as needed, until the charge light stays green after the restart while on the charger.

    All the points, steps I mention here have been tested on my two 8X. I no longer recommend you use an i-Pad charger to top off to 100% in the morning as a phone restart fixes the 99% issue (point 24).

    If I forgot something, please feel free to add more tips. I now have 3 email accounts in push mode and my battery lasts me a day every day.

    Update on my blue 8X. Now after two weeks of use and doing the above, yesterday my 8X gave me some good performance. Was all day in Edge / GSM + WiFi, I had a call, surfed, did Email for 4.5 hours. Was on this forum, had a 5 min phone call, I was using it from 06:30 to 01:30. End of the day I was at 63% power remaining. So now, unless your unit has a defective battery, I am confident my above list will help you! This will work for any WP8 device, from Nokia or HTC or Samsung.

    Hope this helps. :D

    ***Rev 3. Nov 28th 2012
    Moved Point 22 to 23.
    Added Points 22 and 22a.
    ***Rev 4. Nov 29th 2012
    Modified Point a: App 1 and added alternative App
    Added Points a2 and c2 and 1a and 24
    Updated point 15, 17
    Fixed spelling/typos.
    ***Rev 5. Dec 18th 2012
    Added a note about Portico and the firmware update and the major battery life improvements that come along.
    ***Rev 6. Mar. 7th 2013
    Removed "Battery Level for WP8" from what you need, because it seems to drain the battery.
    Modified point 5 to account for WLAN on under locked screen (Portico).
    Modified point 22 to account for WLAN on under locked screen (Portico).
    Modified point 24. I found a better way to fix the "charge only to 99%" problem.
    Added point 25 about the Facebook app from Microsoft.
    Added point 26 about the "hot" battery drain.
    ***Rev 7. Mar 21st 2013
    Added point 27 as to adjust the 100% charged counter of phone, Info. via PocketPC.ch given out by HTC Europe
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    11-16-2012 09:08 AM
  2. radiogirl83's Avatar
    thx for these. Tried most of them but nice list :)
    11-16-2012 11:43 AM
  3. cp2_4eva's Avatar
    I get better battery life than I ever did on my 920. So I'm not complaining. I get about a good 15 hours. On my 920 I would get like 8-9.
    iamtim likes this.
    11-16-2012 12:21 PM
  4. gmfeld's Avatar
    Thanks for this very comprehensive list!
    11-16-2012 01:22 PM
  5. Joelist's Avatar
    I'm not seeing the need for battery concerns. It's getting excellent (1+ days) out of the box and this is an LTE phone. The very good battery life has a lot to do with the chipset (Krait is famous for being a VERY power efficient CPU and LTE radio).
    11-16-2012 02:59 PM
  6. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Hi. There are HSPA+, LTE and CDMA 8X... If we can get more out of batteries... Good :-)
    Also... the LTE version has a near 20% better battery life than the HSPA+ version.
    As to the CDMA... no idea.
    11-16-2012 03:01 PM
  7. Landsharkk's Avatar
    I find it ironic that in order to use all the new features of WP8, you have to turn all of those features off to actually 'use' your phone.

    Your list is just a bunch of 'turn everything off' suggestions. It's a good list, yes, but it reads like an excuse for poor battery life.

    The phone should work, out of box, at least a full day.
    11-16-2012 09:02 PM
  8. ajua's Avatar
    There are plenty of settings on that list that will make your WP experience not that better. I have had the 8X for almost 3 days and the battery life keep improving.

    All I turned off was NFC as I don't plan to use it often. I also disabled a couple of the feedback options except those for WiFi and Location services.

    Today I just made/received some calls, sent out a couple of messages and social updates. With only a Microsoft account mail, Facebook and Twitter updates and WhatsApp I got 10-11 hours and the battery was at 60%. It was very lightweight use, but it kept improving from day one.

    Tomorrow I will use it as I normally do and I will see how much better it fares when using constantly for calls, social updates and WhatsApp.
    11-16-2012 09:22 PM
  9. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    I find it ironic that the iSheep and Stutterdroids are everywhere... (in reply to Landsharkk).
    11-17-2012 02:13 AM
  10. corn_chowder's Avatar
    I'm not seeing the need for battery concerns. It's getting excellent (1+ days) out of the box and this is an LTE phone. The very good battery life has a lot to do with the chipset (Krait is famous for being a VERY power efficient CPU and LTE radio).
    I got about 16 hrs on my first full charge...but that is with only about 1 hr of actual use. I left it off the charger during bedtime, then went to work where I left the phone in my car until about 4PM. Lasted almost a day - but it lost a **** of a lot of charge in standby 😞
    11-17-2012 02:22 AM
  11. sibrecat's Avatar
    I get better battery life than I ever did on my 920. So I'm not complaining. I get about a good 15 hours. On my 920 I would get like 8-9.
    This concerns me as I have only got the Htc till the Lumia is available unlocked in the Uk and I find the battery life no where near as good as my iPhone 4s( and I'm not an isheep as I want to switch over to Wm8 as I'm bored of IOS), could I ask you why you have a Htc over the 920 now?

    11-17-2012 04:38 AM
  12. shinygerbil's Avatar
    I find it ironic that the iSheep and Stutterdroids are everywhere... (in reply to Landsharkk).
    No, he has a valid point. Using the word "iSheep" doesn't cancel out his argument.

    I bought a Windows Phone because I wanted something which just works (tm) rather than me having to fiddle with it. Remember when Microsoft were saying that a Windows Phone is the "phone to save you from your phone"? They meant you don't have to pull it out every two seconds, checking it is okay, turning off everything you don't need, delving into five different social networking apps just to see what's up. I want to be able to pull out my phone, tap the People hub, then see everything all at once - then put it away again. Job done.

    Having to micromanage your phone's every little feature in order to maximise battery life is not what Microsoft were aiming for. If you want to spend all your life tweaking your phone, get Android.

    My point is that these battery tips should not be necessary. If your battery life is *that* bad, there is something wrong with your phone. Take it back. I have background tasks, two push email accounts, two other email accounts which check every 30 minutes, several apps with push notifications turned on, and I leave wifi, 3G/H/H+ on, NFC on, game requests on...basically everything on except Bluetooth as I don't currently have any Bluetooth-enabled devices. My battery lasts *at least* 12 to 15 hours, and this is with moderate use including some gaming.

    If you want to make the most of your battery, the best thing to do is keep good charging habits, and this is not difficult. Draining a Li-ion battery fully is advisable *no more than once a month* to calibrate the battery management software built into the operating system. More than that is not recommended - draining the battery fully too often can permanently damage it and reduce its capacity.

    On the upside, there is nothing wrong with charging it too often. Even if you're at 60% there won't be any negative effects if you plug it in; feel free to charge it whenever you like. Basically the battery suffers the most from being empty, so charging it little and often is fine.
    11-17-2012 07:15 AM
  13. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Hi, (sorry that I sounded rude sibrecat)
    The problem here is that pretty much all devices come that way. I have had 4 iPhones, 2 Androids, always the same. You get the phone and first have to work your way through all the goodies that are too often ON by default. You always have to adjust brightness, network settings, backup settings, cloud settings, email settings and what have you.
    Yes, one would expect that any new phone comes well configured, but you see, they ship with all on by default, because they want the apps to all work without the user to having to figure out what options should be on or off.
    So... it is rather subjective to say that "one would expect the device to work out of the box"... Yes, in theory... I mean the apps all work no?
    As to the battery life... look, You turn everything ON in any modern smartphone, if you are in an area with not ideal reception, the drain on the battery can get absurd.
    So... we end in a situation where under not ideal reception conditions, (not in a big city, suburbs, not the best provider) the drain on the battery will far exceed, what the majority of the urban population will experience.
    Last I checked, on this planet the majority of the people live in big cities.
    So, let me ask, where is your design limit... make a phone that will get reception where? When the coverage gets worse, energy needs of the phone just climbs right up there... the higher the frequency, the shorter the range... Then you end up with a battery to which you attach a phone...
    So, for all of us and we are many, that live in an area that is not ideal, that have a provider that is not the best... Managing the connectivity becomes a major issue, no matter what phone os.
    So, yes... I think your statement was kind of degrading for WP8.
    As an example... where in the area I live in I have poor 3G/HSPA+ coverage, but at home my coverage is OK. I had to return two iPhones 4S because they preferred 3G so much that not even my manual intervention would help me to get around the issue. My iPhone 4 was so much better, it is still being used by family member.
    My 8X does pretty good, it holds Edge steady, is super fast when I have 3G or HSPA+, but I always end up with more power drainage than most because the poorer reception in my area.
    My 8X handles this better than the iPhones 4S, much much better. My iPhones 4S would be at 20% in 4 hours (I returned two)... in Edge, doing rather not much, voice quality was miserable on GSM, a $50.- Nokia will do better, in fact a off contract Lumia 900 got the job.
    Now many I know, live in big cities with excellent coverage... no issues.
    I am not alone here... many will have higher battery drain, just because the area their phone moves in during the day, might have less good coverage.
    So... you saying that the HTC 8X battery is poor... is kind of subjective and degrading and in no relation with the facts.
    The fact is, WP8 is lacking a mode configuration tool. Where a single tile would toggle among modes (Home, Office, Car, Walking, Jogging, Shopping etc.) Each mode would then toggle Wlan, Edge, Location etc.. the way you want it in that mode. With one push, of one WP8 tile, that either toggles the mode, displays that it did, or that opens a quick screen where I select the mode. That allows for direct mode change tiles on our start screen.
    That has to work on all WP8 devices from HTC and Nokia and Samsung.
    I am a bit of a crazy guy... so... if 9 other people here are willing to put up $5'000.- why don't we organize a WP Central Contest to make such a tool, I will for sure cough up the $5'000.- for such a prize. We can pay it in with a locked lawyers account, let WP Central organize the contest.
    Anyone Join me here? I mean, that would make our lives real easy!
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    11-17-2012 03:12 PM
  14. sibrecat's Avatar
    Well after reading a few tips n tricks on here especially turning NFC off the battery life has become acceptable to me now and i am really starting to enjoy my 8X now
    11-18-2012 06:15 AM
  15. pdch's Avatar
    After reading through several threads on different forums, I am starting to think there is a pretty wide variance within the battery quality on these things. I am still running mine as it was out of the box and it still took me 14 hours to fully discharge my battery - and this was while intentionally trying to run it down as quickly as possible. That said, I have found that certain apps discharge the battery faster than others (Zombies can knock out 10 percent in 45 minutes), so obviously use plays a big factor. What is troubling is the variance users are getting with using the phone "out of the box."
    11-18-2012 10:38 AM
  16. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    That variance also has to do with coverage. If the signal is bad, battery use can go through the roof in 3G or 4G.
    11-18-2012 11:17 AM
  17. corn_chowder's Avatar
    lately i've been losing about 10% per hour - almost all app background tasks are disabled and I have NFC off. 4G coverage is constant at 3-4 bars so I don't think it's that.
    11-18-2012 12:53 PM
  18. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Duplicate account? Did you install your Microsoft account as email account? Try to set it to what is slower than LTE, for a test. LTE will kill the battery if connection is not perfect, even if signal strength shows all the bars. Did you follow my list point by point?
    11-18-2012 04:41 PM
  19. wpadvocate's Avatar
    For Verizon users, what Cellular Mode Selection are you guys using? It's in Settings - cellular - Mode Selection

    Mine by default is Global Mode. Not sure what that really is.
    I have 2 other options:
    • LTE, GSM, or UMTS
    • LTE and CDMA

    Is there a 'best' one in terms of maximizing battery life?
    11-26-2012 02:44 PM
  20. ImAdrian23's Avatar
    Wow this is amazing. I'm having some battery problems as well and this is really helpful.

    Can somebody tell me how to migrate to outlook? My current e-mail is mircea.marius@live.com . Do I need to make a whole new one or what? Please explain :D Oh, and if I make a new one, Do I need to Hard to Reset my phone and re-download apps? :/ I'm new to WP8
    11-26-2012 03:10 PM
  21. ndonnine's Avatar
    You must have been under a rock for a long time... Who uses all that junk anyway? It's a list of things that some people didn't even know was on their phone using battery... that the person probably wasn't using. I've never seen a phone out of the box with everything syncing last more than a day.
    vajnorcan likes this.
    11-26-2012 08:20 PM
  22. Darkgift's Avatar
    Have had my Verizon 8x for 2 days now. Battery life is great with it lasting 8-12 hours with heavy-moderate usage and apps running in the background. When I would put it on the charger the battery would be between 23% and 40%. So far so good.
    11-26-2012 08:35 PM
  23. Coolknight1968's Avatar
    Migrate to Outlook.com from Hotmail.com... Very easy... When you are in Hotmail. check under settings (to the right) there should be an option called, "Move your account to Outlook.com" click on it, confirm, you're done. Takes 10 seconds.
    ImAdrian23 likes this.
    11-27-2012 04:52 AM
  24. ecceau's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for the list! I wasn't aware of the fact, that wifi is turned off when locking the phone. So I wondered why my push-notifications didn't arrive me, while I am at home with only wifi switched on! Thanks man, this made my day!
    11-28-2012 02:02 PM
  25. koen h's Avatar
    After the battery problems I had with my HTC 8x I developed this one:

    Battery tile & log.
    A battery tile and battery logger app.
    You can download it for free:
    Battery tile & log | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Kind regards,

    11-29-2012 01:47 AM
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