1. Ragedoctor's Avatar
    1. gorgeous display
    2. camera (especially the video quality)
    3. WP8
    11-17-2012 10:00 AM
  2. GoodThings2Life's Avatar
    Pretty much the same as your list... the display is gorgeous, and no matter how I compare it to others, the blacks really are black. People claiming otherwise are being petty. The camera is spectacular, and while I can see the "softness" complaint people have, I find autofix to be sufficient until an update is released. Finally, I'm gonna skip the WP8 claim (it's actually quite buggy for me, plus it's the same "feature" as everyone else) and go with the hardware design. Even if it's all of an ounce heavier, the style and color options really stand out and catch people's attention.

    That said, I'd have absolutely no problem recommending the 8X for the same reasons. I'm very pleased with its camera and hardware design too. Very slick. :)
    11-17-2012 11:53 AM
  3. Rich Edmonds's Avatar
    1. Astounding display - really impressed with what Nokia have done with it.
    2. Build quality - the device actually feels solid, and isn't too heavy at all.
    3. Camera - while it isn't the top selling point in my opinion, the camera is a superb feature.
    11-17-2012 11:58 AM
  4. lordofthereef's Avatar
    1. The display. Literally everything about it. Not only is it beautiful, but I can see it in the sunlight as well as use it with gloves. And yes, I tested both. Watching video on it is also just wonderful. No other device has come close in this regards.

    2. Wireless charging: I have heard the argument that "it still needs wires" and that when traveling "you have another device to take with you". Newsflash. It does still need wires. Just not plugged into your phone. For a person who sets his phone down multiple times a day, it's nice to set it down and charge rather than having to fiddle with a USB plug. Also, when going to bed, it's nice to just set the phone on the nightstand and know it is charging. Anyone who has fiddled with ANY charging cable (yes, I include the iPhone 5) in a pitch black room knows what I am talking about. And when you travel, feel free to leave your charging dock at home if traveling with "another device" bothers you. After all, you can still charge in the traditional manner with a cord...

    3. Nokia Music: Yeah, I know other phones get this too, but this is my first time using it and it really made an impact on me. I would still like the option to rate up (or down) songs in custom lists. There are some artists that I just don't like listening to. But the music quality is great (for streaming) and there are no ads. Nokia hit a home run with this one.
    11-17-2012 12:00 PM

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