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    Thank you for reading.

    1. Nokia Drive in WP7 supports downloading map data to phone, does Nokia Map or Bing Map in WP8 support downloading to phone?

    2. If the answer to Q1 is Yes, does Nokia map & Bing map share the same downloaded map data (you know Bing map basically uses same data as Nokia map)? Or you have to download the same data twice for 2 different applications. (I know you can't access Bing map directly, but you can still access it indirectly from many ways)

    3. If you can download Nokia map/Bing map or Nokia drive data to phone, can you use things like Nokia City Lens offline?

    3. So far, it seems that, Bing map uses Nokia map's data, and engine. But at least in USA, Bing map is better than Nokia map because it has better search result, better user comments for restraunts etc. (I know outside of USA, Nokia map seems be better than Bing map).

    This confuses me because I am now not sure how Nokia map and Bing map share their data. It seems to me that the map data is shared, but other than that, none is shared? Including user comments to places, search engine, route engine, etc.? Anyone can probably give a better picture on the relationship between Bing map and Nokia map?

    Thanks again.
    11-18-2012 10:03 PM
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    1. Yes, both can
    2.Both apps share same data by Nokia, and yes, both map apps and Nokia drive share map data
    3. I do not know you can use city lens online but I'm certain that you can search for places offline.
    4.I think ms combined both data... In Bing maps app the result seems to be same as old Bing maps and in Nokia app the result appears to be Nokia's.
    Current Bing maps app uses Nokia engine but somehow utilizes bing's venue data.
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    11-24-2012 01:21 AM

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