01-28-2013 06:35 AM
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  1. nks14's Avatar
    i got the Doubleshot and a screen protector (from HTC as well).
    The Doubleshot Hard Shell is very nice, doesn't add much bulk. The grip is not as good as the original HTC back .. feel kinda' slippery. My only concert is that the plastic that covers the buttons will break, because the connection between the case and the button is very, very thin.
    The screen protector does not cover the whole screen, but it's ok. I got that because 2 days after getting the phone I already had scratches. And believe me, when it comes to new gadgets, i'm very careful when using them.
    01-23-2013 08:40 AM
  2. Villain's Avatar
    picked up and been using the incipio doul pro hard shell case and love it! protection and doesn't make it to bulky (had the feather but was meh)

    Incipio Silicrylic DualPro Hard Shell Case HTC 6990 Windows 8X Black HT-316 | eBay
    01-23-2013 02:54 PM
  3. Enamul Haque's Avatar
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    Some Random Case I got from the Tmobile Kiosk at my local mall. Comes with a holster too! I'm really loving it, keeps a thin profile!
    This is an awesome case. Does anyone know if this is available online ?
    01-23-2013 06:28 PM
  4. Enamul Haque's Avatar
    This is an awesome case. Does anyone know if this is available online ?
    Ok I found the case myself. It's in the t-mobile website:

    01-23-2013 06:53 PM
  5. fernandogonzalez's Avatar
    01-25-2013 08:38 AM
  6. susslerville's Avatar
    Agree with others on the Cimo S-Line cases. $9 on Amazon and 25% off for buying 2. We got the black and the blue. They look and work great.
    01-28-2013 06:35 AM
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