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    The reason I say 'saw' is because I ended up exchanging my phone for a new one because of a distorted earpiece speaker.

    I wanted to post some potentially useful information for those with battery issues. I started by following the advice I read on here (turning off extra sensitive screen, NFC and making sure I didn't have Nokia Drive Beta running in the background.

    Honestly I think this is an issue with the battery meter not being calibrated. I saw dramatically better battery life after I fully discharged and recharged the phone. Granted for those whose phones feel warm that's indicative of something running and I would recommend a hard reset or swapping it out where you got it. So make sure you discharge completely (when the phone shuts off try turning it back on and using it again), charge it up and see what happens.

    This advice comes hand in hand with the usual turn off WiFi when not using it, and minimizing apps running in the background. I didn't back out of apps to close out multitasking lists, I don't believe in going that far out of your way to optimize battery life.

    Please post any questions you might have about how I handled the battery issue.
    11-19-2012 07:54 PM

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