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    Hi sorry if i have placed this thread in the wrong area.

    I purchased a Nokia 920 on Sunday 18th got it working all ok with a microsoft @outlook.com live ID account. Well i thought it was working all ok. I tried the usual like my exchange emails, and browsing the internet which proved successful.

    I then went onto installing a few Apps like, IMDB, paypal, ebay, skype, skydrive, and munzee
    All installed without any errors. it was after that i started to have some issues.

    The imdb app opens for about ten seconds then closes and goes back to the all apps screen.
    Paypal, skype and munzee will not allow me to login at all even when i know 100% that my usernames and password are correct. this happens on Wifi or 3G
    I have tried factory reset of phone, uninstalling reinstalling the apps and still the same not logging issue.
    yet last night and tonight about 8pm i have managed to use these apps without any issues, this worked for about 40 mins then it went back to being not able to login again
    the Munzee - 21st Century Scavenger Hunt. Find. Capture. Reward. site will display in internet explorer but when i use my username and password it tries to login then says page cannot be displayed. yet the munzee site is fully working.

    i dont know anyone else with a windows 8 phone so im hoping others out there might have had similar issues. Nokia think its a phone fault but t-mobile think its software and that they cant help.
    im starting to think keeping my iphone 4 was a much better idea and getting windows 8.

    11-21-2012 03:39 PM

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